Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bye-bye sugar

Nope, not saying goodbye to anyone. Just to sugar.
Accountability. My favorite love/hate word. I am diverting from my usual blog posts about our family (lacking, lately, I know) to insert some accountability into my life about what I eat for the next 2 weeks.
What's your food addiction? Mine is sugar. Processed sugar... in the form of baked goods, candy, and 'protein' bars, especially. For the next 2 weeks (I started on Monday), I am detoxing from processed sugars. In all seriousness, my body needs a sugar detox. I literally crave sweets, and it's a scary place where you feel like you HAVE TO HAVE something sweet or you can't focus on anything else.
I am attempting to write down what I eat and put it on here each day. (Plus, I try to drink 60 - 80 oz. of water each day & exercise 2 - 3 days/week.) So if you're not interested, tune back in a couple weeks for life as usual on the blog. (I really need to put together a Christmas post on here...) If you want to join me, please do!! I could use the team support!

Don't remember most of what I ate, but I was pretty good. Two slip-ups - 1) At 9 AM, I ate half a tootsie roll before I remembered I wasn't supposed to be eating sugar. 2) I ate too many SunChips when I got home.

Small bowl of Kashi Go Lean
1/2 sandwich
Handful of SunChips
3 crackers (had to have some while Sienna was having her favorite 'cracky' snack, too)
Spinach-Chicken enchilada (healthy version - no cheese sauce!) & black beans
SunChips (I really wanted a protein bar, instead. I think I need to get these chips out of my house....)
Coke Zero

Wednesday (so far):
Coffee w/skim milk
salmon fillet
sweet potato
went out for dinner... had chips & salsa (not too many) and chicken fajitas. Turned down sopapillas!
looked for vacation places on-line at home & munched on too many pretzels