Tuesday, February 21, 2012


There was a lot of anxiousness and excitement going around our household this Valentine's Day.  First, Sienna was absolutely THRILLED that she got to have extra sugary treats and a Valentine's Day party.  I think her favorite Valentine's treat was from Scott.  He gave her a Little Mermaid valentine that had a pink sucker attached; you would've thought she won the lottery!  She danced around and around with that sucker in her mouth and couldn't have been happier.  Precious!

Pops and Grandma took Sienna out for a Valentine's date, so Scott and I could enjoy dinner together at PotPie.  We had an exciting moment at dinner - we found out if we were welcoming a new son or new daughter into our family!  The previous day, we had an ultrasound to check on the little life growing in my belly.  Like with Sienna, we had the ultrasound technician write down the baby's gender in a card.  With Sienna, the card was for Scott's birthday.  So this time around, the card was a Valentine's Day card to him from both his kiddos.

Sienna is going to have a little sister!!!  We couldn't be more excited!!!  We both thought we were having a boy, but we were thrilled to find out we are adding another little girl to our family.  Secretly, I was pulling for a girl.  I wanted Sienna to have a sister!

When we came home from dinner, we asked Sienna to guess if she was going to have a baby brother or a baby sister.  Her response?  "A baby booty shake!"  She proceeded to dance around shaking her little bum in her footie pajamas.  (I am starting to see how our encouraging the booty shake might backfire in so many ways... ha!)  When we told her she was going to have a baby sister, she started screaming with excitement and running around the room.  So darn cute!  She is going to be a great big sis.  Bossy for sure.  But great!

Friday, February 03, 2012

The real reason I haven't blogged lately...

We are expecting another baby in July!  I am 17 weeks and change, so we'll find out if we are having a boy or girl in about a week and a half.  I'm feeling good - no real nausea or extreme tiredness.  I feel pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Sienna, just craving more salty foods now vs. sweet foods when I was pregnant with her.  We think we're having a boy, but I had a dream that we had a girl.  We'll know on February 13!
Sienna wore this shirt at Christmas time to tell our families.  She was not too sure about putting it on each time because she's fiercely independent & doesn't want to do anything that she is not 100% about.  Okay, okay... The real reason was after her first time wearing it, she knew the shirt caused lots of excited shrieking & yelling that she wanted to avoid!  She understands there is a baby in my belly, but I know she doesn't quite grasp what that is going to mean to life around our house this summer.  (Heck, even I don't really know what that change is going to look like for us!)  Favorite quotes from Sienna about the baby:
"I have a baby in my belly.  You can't push it."
"Mommy, you no have a baby in your belly.  I have a baby in my belly."
Me:  "Sienna, do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?"  Sienna:  "Ummm... neither."
"Mommy, that baby is crying in your belly.  She needs her diaper changed."  (Proceeds to go get a diaper & put it up to my belly.)
"Mommy, I give the baby a sticker so he no cry anymore."

Scott and I are very excited about this baby, but our excitement is a bit reserved after we miscarried in August of last year.  Getting pregnant with Sienna was so easy, but getting pregnant with this baby has been a journey.  A good journey.  A journey that has left us less innocent but more awe-inspired by the miracle of life.  When I have more time and emotional capacity, I do plan to share more about that journey.  
We've had two sonograms and several check-ups.  The baby seems perfectly healthy.  I'm guessing that I won't sleep much before our next sonogram on February 13.  In fact, I may not completely breathe easy until our sweet baby is in our arms.  So in the meantime, we're enjoying this journey, trusting God, and soaking up the last moments as our family of three.

Sienna & Scott at Christmas.  This is Sienna's
classic 'cheeser' smile.