Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take 2: Did that really just happen?

Oh yes, you read that correctly. We had more sickness and fun this weekend! On Friday night, Scott put Sienna to bed while I went out for coffee with my girlfriends. She had another vomiting session before bed. Scott made her another bottle, which she drank, and then she fell asleep like normal. Then around 10:30 PM when I got home, she woke up crying. About that time, Scott told me he wasn't feeling well and asked if I could tend to her because he needed to be close to the bathroom. As I was in Sienna's room trying to comfort her, I hear Scott puking in the bathroom. Yes, friends, he somehow contracted the flu virus we all had last weekend. Even after washing all the clothes/towels/sheets/etc., deodorizing the furniture, and having our home professionally cleaned.... he still got the bug. So Scott was up pretty much the whole night. Even worse, I couldn't be there to comfort him because Sienna hardly slept from about 10:30PM - 5 AM. Nothing worked... holding her, feeding her, Tylenol, putting her in bed with me, etc. I took her temperature around 2 AM, and it was 99 degrees. (It's been around 99 degrees for a few weeks because of her cold.) When she 'woke up' at 7 AM, I took it again. It was 101 degrees. I thought it might have been high because she was in bed with me under a bunch of covers. I took her temp about an hour later, and it had come down a half degree. When she woke up crying from her morning nap, her temperature was back up to 101 degrees, and we headed to urgent care at Children's Mercy South. We were there 3 hours, which I've been told is actually not a long time. Luckily, Sienna was a trooper there. She didn't cry while we were waiting, and she was all smiles for the nurses and doctors. That is, until they had to clean out her ears with a water pik. Poor thing!! She screamed bloody murder, but I can't say I wouldn't have done the same! So after they cleaned all the wax out of her ears, the doctor could see she had a double ear infection. He said he was surprised, since she seemed to be in a good mood and was eating well. Sienna must have quite the pain tolerance.
So we made our way to the pharmacy to pick up her meds. (The bubble gum amoxicillin brought back good childhood memories for Scott and I! I remember begging my mom to let me have that stuff.... even when I wasn't sick! I loved the taste.) She slept very soundly last night, and is taking one heck of a long nap this morning. I know she's got to be wiped.
Scott left this morning for DC, so I'm hoping our sickness escapades are done for a while, so I can get some rest and peace of mind. So scary and sad when your little one doesn't feel well! Although I must say that we enjoyed how snuggly she was yesterday. Sienna is not the type to let you hold her very long, so having her sink into our arms and rest all day yesterday was awesome. Here's to a healthy baby!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Did that really just happen?

So let me give you a timeline of our weekend.
Friday AM: Scott leaves for Florida. They have a "sales" meeting down there for the next week.
Saturday 7 AM: Sienna throws up almost her entire bottle. Weird, but not unprecedented. She was coughing a lot that morning, so I chalk it up to her cough.
Saturday Noon: Sienna and I go to lunch with Gramma Marilyn. Sienna has some funky gas, but otherwise acts normal.
Saturday 2:30 PM: Sienna wakes up crying after only sleeping 30 minutes. I am holding her on the couch, and she proceeds to vomit all over herself, me & the couch. There can't be anything left in her stomach. Immediately afterwards, she has horrible diarrhea.
Saturday night: Sienna wakes up a few times with painful cries, but luckily no more vomiting. Whew.
Sunday afternoon: I start feeling sluggish. Just figure I'm tired.
Sunday 3:30 PM: I can hardly hold Sienna because I am so weak and shaking. I feel like I could throw up at any moment. I sit with her on the floor of her room, waiting for my mom & dad to come over and help.
Sunday 4:30 PM: I am vomiting violently and laying on the couch feeling like I could die. I have not been this sick in YEARS.
Sunday night: My mom decides to stay over & help take care of Sienna, since I am obviously unable to at this point in time. Also, Sienna's been waking up at night for about the past week since she's had a cough/cold/flu. I figure I'm going to need some help at night.
Sunday 7:00 PM: Sienna is screaming & crying because she is tired & wants me (not Nana) to put her to bed. I am dry heaving in the next room. Lovely.
Sunday 7:30 PM: Sienna goes to sleep.
Sunday 8:30 PM: I go to sleep.
Sunday 9:30 PM: My mom starts throwing up. She calls my dad to come over and spend the night, so he can help with Sienna if she wakes up.
Monday 12:30 AM: My dad starts throwing up. No joke.
Monday 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM: I am awake and can't go back to sleep because my fever is so high.
Monday 6:45 AM: Sienna wakes up, oblivious to the night's antics. Luckily, she did not wake up in the middle of the night. I'm not sure who would have taken care of her. I call Scott to fill him in on the craziness. He's lucky to be in Florida.
Monday Noon: I finally eat something and start laundry... it's going to take many loads of laundry to rid our home of these germs.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First day at work

Monday went much better than I expected, for two reasons. My mom kept Sienna on Monday since she was off school. It was much easier to relax knowing that someone that knows Sienna's habits and loves her dearly was taking care of her. Secondly, I was ready for a break!!! We had a long night on Sunday night. Sienna was up crying every hour from about 10:30 PM until 4 AM. We tried feeding her, giving her Orajel, and rocking her to sleep. About 30 minutes after we'd put her in her crib asleep, she'd wake up crying. And it was a painful cry - so sad. So at 4 AM, we brought her in our bed to sleep. We have NEVER had to do this before with her. The next morning, daddy took her to urgent care while I went to work. What an ideal way to start back to work - ha! They checked her out and said her cough/cold had probably turned into a sinus infection that was causing pressure in her head when she laid down to sleep. Poor baby!!
Today Sienna and I have spent the day sleeping and taking it easy to recover from yesterday. I was so glad I didn't have to go into the office today. I go back to the office Thursday, and I am expecting that to be more difficult since we are leaving her at daycare. I know she is going to be one tired baby! It's just so hard for me to relinquish control of taking care of her because I know her best, and I just love her to pieces! But I know we just need to get through the transition time. Pray for patience and grace!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's weekend has a bittersweet ending

We had a great time celebrating V-Day this weekend. On Friday, Scott made reservations for us at Michael Smith's. The food was excellent; we splurged on the five course dinner. We had fun celebrating another Valentine's Day together. To make the night even more special, my mom and dad kept Sienna overnight at their house. This was the first time we have been away from her overnight. Coming home from dinner to an empty house was a STRANGE feeling, but we had a fantastic time. We had almost forgotten what it felt like to be alone overnight (even without the dog!). Saturday morning we slept in a little, (It's amazing how difficult it is to sleep in now.... and that's coming from the girl that could sleep in until 10 AM on Saturday.) and then went out to breakfast before picking up our little one at Nana and PaPa's. She did great overnight; she woke up around 1:30 AM because her teeth were hurting. Nana put Orajel on her gums, and she went right back to sleep until 8 AM. Sienna got valentines from all her grandparents, and we had such a good time sharing our little love bunny with everyone this weekend.
The bittersweet ending to this weekend is I am going back to work TOMORROW. I'm sad about leaving Sienna, but I have a fantastic job waiting for me at Hallmark. It's going to be a tough transition, so say a little prayer for me if you think about it tomorrow!

Sienna and Gramma with her personalized book!

Sienna and Tompa

Loving the balloon from grandma & grandpa

Reaching for the balloon... I'm just waiting for it to pop & scare the heck out of her! :)

Sienna with grandma & grandpa

Smiling valentine

She melts our heart!

Hello, little valentine!

Daddy and his little valentine

Playing with her favorite puppy, Heartbeat. My mom gave me/Sienna this puppy last Valentine's Day. We had just heard Sienna's heartbeat for the first time this time last year!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 month pictures

Scott, grandpa Dave and I took Sienna to get her 5 month pictures taken tonight at Target. We got GREAT pictures! Grandpa joined Sienna in a few pictures, and they are so adorable. Sienna wore a blue sailor dress that Aunt Karla wore when she was about 6 months old. She also wore a cute red jumper that Nana gave her, complete with a red bow made by mommy!

Sienna's first trip

Scott, myself, Sienna and my parents flew to Indianapolis last Friday evening to spend the weekend with my sister and Matt. This was Sienna's first plane ride, and she did AWESOME!! Seriously, she acted like she'd been flying her whole life. (All five months of it, mind you!) She only fussed for like 15 seconds upon departure, but quickly stopped when she ate or sucked on her pacifier.
At KCI... getting ready to board the plane

We had a great time with my sister, Matt, and his family. It was so great to just hang out and have time together as a family. We celebrated my mom's birthday and Matt's mom's birthday on Saturday night, and we watched the Superbowl on Sunday night. Matt and his family are HUGE Colts fans, and Scott and I have never liked the Colts.... for good reason! The Colts have knocked the Chiefs out of the playoffs in our past three attempts. Ugh. But we decided to take the high road this weekend, and we surprised everyone with our very own Colts t-shirts. Sienna even wore a Colts bib! :) Matt and Karla were surprised... they figured we'd wear our Chiefs gear or a Saints jersey!
The birthday girls

The fam at Scotty's Brewhouse

Sienna with Uncle Matt & Aunt Kitty

Sienna with mommy & daddy

Sienna with Nana & PaPa

Superbowl night at the Roy's

To make the weekend even more entertaining, Sienna started teething! Oh, yes. It was fun! She wasn't napping well (not unusual at home, though) nor sleeping at night well (very unusual). I just thought it was because she was in a new environment, but Sunday night was bad. She was up like 5 times fussing and crying. In the morning, she had cuts all over her thumb and finger from biting her hand all night. Poor baby!! Aunt Kitty let her suck on ice until PaPa could get back from the store with Orajel. She was much happier after we numbed her gums. We still can't see her teeth yet, so I'm guessing we're still in for a few fussy nights of teething. Woo hoo!
Aunt Kitty letting our little elf suck on an ice cube to soothe her sore gums

Reading a book with Nana on the plane ride back to KC

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Johnny Jumper

A few weeks ago, we put Sienna in her johnny jumper, and she just stood there with a confused look on her face. Clearly, she did not understand what to do! Yesterday, I got it out again thinking she might 'get it', and she sure does! She loves this thing... hops around like a jumping bean and smiles the whole time. She is getting so big, and I love all the fun new ways she can play!
These videos are from tonight, right before bedtime. Normally, Sienna gets fussy before bedtime, but tonight I think she could have bounced another hour in the jumper.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Sitting up!

For about a week, Sienna has been sitting up on her own. She can sit on her own for about 15 - 30 seconds before tipping over. It's amazing how strong she is!! (EDIT on Feb 2 - She is now sitting up on her own for 5 minutes or so. When she's about to tip over, she can 'catch' herself and keep on sitting. Strong little girl!) So she's sitting up before she's 5 months old, but she has yet to roll over. In fact, she shows little interest in rolling over. She's perfectly content to kick around on her back or sit up and play with her toys. I seriously think she is going to crawl for 3 days before taking off walking and running. :)
Bath time has gotten more fun since she's been able to sit up. She loves playing with her bath toys... especially this star that squirts water and a duck that sprays water like a fountain.