Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Johnny Jumper

A few weeks ago, we put Sienna in her johnny jumper, and she just stood there with a confused look on her face. Clearly, she did not understand what to do! Yesterday, I got it out again thinking she might 'get it', and she sure does! She loves this thing... hops around like a jumping bean and smiles the whole time. She is getting so big, and I love all the fun new ways she can play!
These videos are from tonight, right before bedtime. Normally, Sienna gets fussy before bedtime, but tonight I think she could have bounced another hour in the jumper.

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Nana Jones said...

What a cute little jumper baby Sienna is! She is having so much fun, just like her mommy! Krista, this was your FAVE activity when you were a baby. You could stand and jump in your baby jumper all day! This memory is why PaPa and I had to get the jumper for baby Bee:)