Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zoo, Farm, Apples, Standing & "Uh-oh!"

Sienna has been doing SO MUCH lately, that we can hardly keep up with all her changes. She started pulling-up this Friday. Ever since she has learned how to pull up to standing, she's been obsessed with pulling-up on everything... toys, chairs, window sills, piano benches, etc.

Also starting this past week, Sienna says "uh-oh" every time she drops something... usually her food or sippy cup from her high chair. It is the cutest thing ever. I know our smiles & laughter are encouraging her to continue to intentionally drop things, but we just can't help ourselves. And she is so serious when she says, "uh-oh", but we know that it is all an act! She knows what she's doing! In fact, today she started saying "uh-oh" right BEFORE she threw her cup on the floor. Stinker.

Sienna has had a lot of fun with her grandparents lately... a trip to the zoo with Gramma Kuehn, a trip to the farm with Nana & PaPa Jones, and a spaghetti dinner with Pops & Grandma Williams (while Scott & I went to dinner to celebrate our 7th anniversary).

Gramma and I going to see all the African animals

Pointing at the animals... and trying to stay cool in the heat!

Watching the zebra, giraffe and hippos with Gramma

"I can stand up on my own!"

Helping with the dishes after breakfast

Sienna loves pizza... she wanted Scott to share with her, even though she had already had dinner!

Her top teeth are coming in, which means her ice cube holder is back in full force. Look at those eyes!

Sienna playing with her new, favorite "toy" - a snack holder. Hilarious! I think she ate too much candy that day. Ha!

I was eating an apple for lunch, and Sienna insisted on trying it, too. As you can see, she became obsessed quickly.

A montage of Sienna learning how to pull-up. Plus, an especially cute moment of her playing with Scott at the window.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here's the video from the 4th of July weekend that would not upload in my earlier post. I had to make it a lower resolution, so hopefully you can still see the content. The fireworks footage is a little hard to make out since it was night time.

Friday, July 09, 2010

A kitty-cat visits and other updates

Grab a cup of coffee & settle in for this update. We've been busy, and Sienna is changing faster than ever.

Our family of three is coming off a high after my sister, Karla, (Aunt Kitty to Sienna) came to visit for nearly a week. We had such a great time hanging out, shopping, watching fireworks, swimming and laughing together. Matt wasn't able to come with Karla, and we missed him! So, Matt, thanks for letting us borrow your wife for a week - we had the BEST time!
Showing off her cute 4th of July swimsuit...

Sienna stayed up late to watch fireworks with us

Clapping for the fireworks - she LOVED them!

Happy 4th of July, blue eyes

10 months.... and looking sassy

Visiting the calves... not so sure about them. They are much bigger than Maddie!

Daddy and Aunt Kitty both caught fishes for Sienna

I put together a video montage that captures some of the fun we had over the holiday weekend. (I'm having technical issues getting it to upload - imagine that - so check back later.) Sienna watched her first fireworks show; she loved it! For most of the 30 minute show, she leaned back into my arms & just watched. She was up WAY past her bedtime, but she did great. PaPa bought Sienna a singing Bee, and she loved playing with it all weekend. We also visited Pops and Grandma, where Sienna picked her first tomato! (And promptly took a bite!) Pops also took a dip with Sienna in her pool at their house. Lastly, we made our first trip to Deanna Rose Farm. Sienna loved the animals, especially the goats.

The fourth of July also marked Sienna's 10 month birthday - wow! Also, I meant to update everyone on her stats at her 9 month doctor's appointment a few weeks ago.
22 lbs - 90th percentile
29" - 90th percentile

At 10 months old, here's a glimpse into a day in the life of Sienna.
6:30 AM - Wakes up for the day
7:00 AM - Scott & I get her out of bed. She is normally 'singing' and up on her knees waiting for us with a big smile!
7:00 AM - Breakfast (Oatmeal w/fruit, yogurt, bananas, Cheerios, bottle --- but she's starting to drop the bottle)
9:30 - 10:30 AM - Nap
12:00 PM - Lunch (Sienna's a great eater, so we have a lot of different things for lunch like deli meat, sweet potatoes, ravioli, string cheese, pizza, hamburger, chicken breasts, apple sauce, pasta, and oranges. We top off lunch with a 4 oz. bottle)
2:00 - 3:30 PM - Nap
5:00 PM - Dinner (Again, she eats most anything. Her favorites are pizza & hamburger - go figure! Starting to drop the bottle at dinner time, too.)
8:00 PM - Bottle & bedtime

Some of our favorite Sienna-ism's lately...
- She loves her sippy cup! She drinks without the suction valve, likely because she has drank out of a 'real' cup for so many months. She loves to drink water out of her sippy cup while she has her meal.
- She has had a fun time learning how to feed herself. It's hysterical to watch her eat pizza. After a couple bites, she has cheese & sauce smeared all over her face. (We went to dinner at Spin Pizza a couple weeks ago, and she started throwing a fit when Scott and I weren't giving her pizza bites fast enough. LOL)
- She can verbally articulate her excitement in a new way. Anytime she sees something that catches her eye, which is quite often, she puckers her mouth in a tight 'O' and says "oooooooohhh". Just precious.
- She understands when I say, "Sienna, clap your hands". She smiles & claps her little paws together.
- She loves to intentionally 'face-plant' in the swimming pool. Seriously. The first thing she does when she gets in a pool (baby pool or big pool) is dunk her face in the water. And every time she gets this surprised expression on her face & sputters the water out of her mouth; but 15 seconds later, she is dunking her face again.
- Karla taught her how to 'high five' this weekend. All week, Sienna has been obsessed with high-fiving people. However, she only will high-five when she initiates. If you initiate, she just looks at you like, "What are you doing? You look silly with your hand up in the air."
- She is a speed crawler. She is burning off those rolls and her tummy is getting smaller. Incredible how fast she has started to thin out.
- Sienna is pulling up on everything. So far she will just pull up to get on her knees. She will pull up to her feet when I'm holding her hands. She also loves to practice walking while holding someone's hands. I assume she'll be walking by her birthday.
- Her hair color is getting lighter everyday. Her hair looks highlighted with brown & blond streaks when it's all down, but her hair looks very blond when up in a ponytail and you can see her roots. In a ponytail, those blue eyes pop, too. She's beautiful.
- She loves the heating & cooling vents on the floor. She visits them daily, often when we have been outside and she needs to cool off!

Sporting her new bee backpack. She'll be ready to travel one day!

Sienna loves playing in our pantry