Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anna Maria Island

We took our first family vacation to Anna Maria Island, Florida last week. We had such a good time doing nothing but hanging out, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine together. Scott & I loved sharing the beach and ocean with Sienna. We are a beach-loving couple, so it was time to indoctrinate her. :) We rented a house 2 blocks from the beach. So each day, we'd wake up, watch cartoons in our bed, eat breakfast outside on our covered patio, pack up the beach wagon and walk to the beach. We'd play in the ocean and sand for a couple hours, and then we'd head back to our house to have lunch & swim in the pool. Sienna would take a nap (most days), while Scott & I enjoyed the pool. After naps, we'd swim in the pool some more, go to dinner, and then catch the sunset on the beach. The next day - repeat. It was bliss! We took about 200 pictures, so I am going to have to post a couple of different times with pictures.
Sienna LOVED swimming in the ocean and in our pool. She is our water baby. When we were all swimming in the ocean, Sienna would serenade us with whatever song was on her mind. She would sing literally the entire time we were in the ocean. So precious! She loved it when Scott tossed her up in the air, and she wanted to play 'motor boat' all the time. She was pretty unsure about the sand sticking to her feet, legs, arms, etc. on the first day at the beach. She finally came around to the sand the second and third days. She never really liked the fact that it was sticking to her, though.
The island was teeming with wildlife. Every morning, we saw a manatee or a dolphin swim by the beach. We found a starfish in the ocean, as well. Sienna was enamored with the pelicans and sea gulls. (Although, she frequently commented, 'birdies really loud'.) The sea turtles were nesting, so we got to see several nests on the beach.

Waiting for the plane

Looking out the window of the airplane. She did GREAT on the plane... all 3 hours!

Day 1 on the beach. "Dad, I do NOT like the sand!"

The infamous Nemo chair! This chair went everywhere with Sienna -- on the beach, in the pool, in the house, in the wagon, and even on the couch! Notice her feet are not touching the sand. Hee!

We found this stuffed squid in our house... another kid must have left it. Sienna carried him around everywhere, and she called him 'skib'.

Dinner at one of the piers... yummy grouper!

Day 2... She decided it was okay to sit on the sand!

She wanted to show me all her toys in her sand bucket

First sunset family picture.... many more to come!

This one melts my heart

And so does this one

Aren't her eyes as blue as the ocean? This is Sienna's, 'mom, stop taking pictures of me' look. Yes, she already has this look down.

A Sienna sunset

Another sunset... just had to capture this moment with her paci in mouth, drawing in the sand

We did venture off the beach one day to the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota. Sienna loved this baby manatee statue!

Dinner on the marina overlooking the bay

During dinner, three dolphins swam right past our table

Playing a fun game during dinner at the Beach House. This restaurant served pina colada bread - a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Sienna's favorite color is blue. And her favorite food is ice cream. She was in heaven.

Last sunset