Friday, April 22, 2011

"It's Just Another Day...

.... with you and me in paradise." That Phil Collins song has been playing over and over in my head as I sit down to write this post. While we do have trying moments with Sienna like any parent, we have really been loving this phase with Sienna. Here are a few moments of paradise we've been sharing together lately...

Sienna's first popsicle made from grape, sugar free Kool-Aid

Had to move outside b/c the popsicle was dripping everywhere. She was making sure Maddie did not get a lick!

Cheers! (Pardon the white legs... those are brutal.)

Pops came over for a visit one evening. Sienna ran up to him, turned to Scott and I and said, "bye mommy, bye daddy." When Pops said he was here to play, she about had a major meltdown. So, Pops put her in the car & took her to Hy-Vee to get a cookie. You'd think she was going to Disney World because of her excitement!

Sitting on the step with Pops after their trip to Hy-Vee. Happy, happy!

Speaking of paradise, Scott hiked the Grand Canyon with a few of his buddies last weekend. The pictures and stories are incredible!

Sienna and I had a make-up session today. I put a few of my old cosmetics in a bag for her that we now call "Sienna's make-up bag". Her favorite cosmetics thus far are lip gloss (mint flavored, of course) and powder. Go for the basics, girl! Ha, ha. She LOVES putting on 'meek-up".

Pouty lips

So excited!

We had an exciting moment at our house last night. Right before bed, Sienna told us, "poo-poo potty". She has never specifically asked to go pee/poo on the potty, but we took her downstairs to her potty chair since this seemed different. She started tugging at her pajamas, so we took them off & she sat on her potty. After about 2 tries, she peed about a teaspoon in the potty! Woo hoo!! We are not starting potty training, but it looks like she is getting more interested. Go, Sienna!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy birthday, Scott!

Scott celebrated his, um, err.... 27th birthday today! Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world! We took a lot of great pictures today (and a video, too) - enjoy!

Unwrapping presents with Daddy

We had fun playing with the hose outside before dinner. (It was sunny and 80 degrees today... hooray for a sneak-peak of summertime!)

Sienna was super excited when she got to hold the hose!

Immediately, she took a drink and began to soak herself.... much to her great delight! (Her dress is tucked into her bloomers... that's not some weird onesie outfit.)

"He-ye-go, Daddy." (That's Sienna-speak for 'here you go, Daddy'.)

So excited about the water and about Daddy's birthday!

I adore you, Sienna.

So happy!

Sienna was literally shrieking out loud!!!

Love this picture of her!

A fantastic family picture -- too bad we don't have any mass mailing/cards to send out! (And this is Sienna saying, "cheese!".)

Earlier this week, my mom-in-law (Marilyn) came over to help me make Scott's Grammy's cherry pie for his birthday. This is not such a great pic of either of us, but it preserves the fun memory! (And BTW -- you MUST cover your pie in an air-tight container. Otherwise, you will likely take the non-air-tight lid off and find that ants have overtaken your pie. And then you will be up very late the night before the celebration making another pie. Just sayin'.)

This video was shot post-water hose fun... Sienna has taken off her soaking wet dress and is mesmerized by the sprinklers! She also tells Scott happy birthday! (Big stuff, saying those 4 word sentences at 18 months old!)