Saturday, January 30, 2010

Found my feet!

Sienna found her feet a couple days ago, and she's been infatuated with grabbing them ever since.
One foot...

Two feet!

In this picture, she looks SO much like her daddy when he was a baby!

Smiling at dad!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sienna's Nicknames

We've got several nicknames for little Sienna. Some she's had since the beginning, and some are relatively new. Here are the most common ones we use.

Bee. I'm not totally sure how this one started, but I started calling her my little bee right after she was born. She sure is sweet, like a little honey bee.
Bee bear. A version of bee.
Sinna. Two syllable version of Sienna.
Sinna-bug / Sinna-bear / Sinna-bun. Renditions of Sinna.
Kicker / Donkey legs. Ever since she was little, Sienna has kicked her legs with great vigor. She even kicks her legs in her sleep.
Sweet pea.
Punkin' / Punky.
House elf.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I took Sienna's pigtails out this evening, and her hair was standing on end. Scott snapped a picture that captures her crazy hair, along with a cutie expression from our little bee. :)

Pigtails and Hairbows!

Since she was little, I've occasionally put a bow or headband in Sienna's hair. After seeing my friend Molly's daughter, Sadie, with her cute little puffs, I thought Sienna should try some pigtails too. And they are so dang cute!!! Check 'em out. (Oh, this was also the first time Sienna glared at me. She was not too happy to have those pigtails put in her hair.)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas with the Williams fam

On January 2, we celebrated Christmas with the Williams/Triplett family. We had a great time!! Susan challenged us all with our annual Christmas trivia, and Jenny swept the game. I normally do pretty well, but I bombed this year. Then we played our annual bingo game, and I think Scott did better than I did. Rare. Ha! After the bingo game, we bid on gifts with our winnings, which is always fun. Scott got a Chiefs snuggie, which I have been putting to good use. Those things are dorky, but they do keep you warm & comfy. Sienna was spoiled by her grandparents, aunts and uncles, again! She got a toy cookie jar (which she LOVES), a nativity set, books, new shoes, and some leg warmers. Sienna was so tired from all the festivities that she fell asleep in Uncle Andrew's arms at the end of the night. So precious. It was a fun, fun night!

Dinner with the fam! We missed you, Kyle & Hannah.

I love grandpa.

Sienna checking out her stocking with grandma.

Scott, myself, Grant, Melissa & Maddie.

Sienna's toy cookie jar... it gets lots of use around our house!

Styling in her new shoes!

Opening another gift...

Playing with Aunt Anne!

Asleep with Uncle Andrew & Aunt Jenny.

Another laughing moment

We had fun making Sienna laugh tonight, so thought we'd share with you all. We had just given her Prevacid, and she has to wait 30 minutes before eating and going to bed. So this time of night we always have to distract her from being tired and hungry. Some nights are harder than others, but we got her to laugh hysterically at us tonight. It was fun... and a work out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rice Cereal!

Sienna had her first 'solid' tonight.... rice cereal. Now, the cereal was more a liquid than a solid (1 T of rice cereal mixed with 4 T breast milk), but nonetheless she ate with a spoon! She didn't quite get the whole spoon thing, but I think she'll get in the swing of it within the week. It was pretty darn cute to watch her try out this new skill. :)

Getting ready for her first bite!

First bite. "Dang it, mom! I was hoping for some ice cream instead!"

In the end, she ended up with most of the cereal on her face & bib.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 month pictures

I took Sienna to Target tonight for her four month pictures... better late than never! The photographer wasn't so great this time, but we still managed to get a few cute ones.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sleeping through the night!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this sooner... Sienna has been sleeping through the night for the past 5 nights. My definition of sleeping through the night is that I can put her to bed around 8:30 PM, and I don't hear a peep from her until it's time to start the day around 6:30/7:00 AM. It's so wonderful to get uninterrupted sleep at night!! Woo hoo!! I'm relishing these nights until we hit a growth spurt or teething starts. :)

4 month check-up

We braved the frigid temperature, blowing wind, and mounds of snow for Sienna's 4 month check-up this morning at 7:50 AM. We bundled her up to keep her warm, since I think it was all of 5 degrees outside. Whew!
Anyhow, the check-up went well. She got 2 shots, and only cried for about 30 seconds afterwards. She was able to calm down A LOT faster than when she got her last round of shots. We still felt sorry for her, though! Sienna weighs 15 pounds 4 ounces (80th percentile) and is 24 3/4 inches tall (60th percentile). She's been doing quite a bit of growing over the past couple months. At her 2 month appointment, she was in the 60th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. Whew! No wonder I've been feeling like she's been a chowhound lately. :) The doctor said she's hitting all her development milestones on-time, or even a bit early. She's almost able to sit-up on her own, which normally doesn't happen until 6 months. We are going to start feeding her rice cereal once or twice a day, which means she is going to need her high chair! I can't believe she is already going to start learning how to eat from a spoon. Wow. We are really loving this parenting thing!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Four months

Sienna turns 4 months old tomorrow... where does the time go? We've been having lots of fun with her lately.... so much fun that she has started to laugh! Scott does this silly voice and face (love that it takes us acting like idiots to make her laugh), and she just cracks up. Enjoy the video that captures the moment and her sweet little laugh.

Scott also has found a new way to carry our little one around the house... on his shoulders! Sienna seems to enjoy the view from way up high.

On December 30th, we went to Aliyah's first birthday party. Gretchen (Aliyah's mom) and I think that Sienna and Aliyah are going to be best buds one day because they are so similar. Big brother Caden wanted to hold Sienna. It was so darn cute! The last time Caden held Sienna was in the hospital, and she sure looks a lot bigger now!

I remembered to take Sienna's picture today on her chair, like I used to do every week. She's about 17 weeks and 2 days in this picture.... she looks HUGE next to these stuffed animals now.
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As Sienna turns 4 months, I thought I'd do another "I love" list. She has acquired a few new favorite things in the past month.
Thumb. In the past few weeks, Sienna has traded her paci for her thumb. She still uses the paci to wind down initially for bed and naps, but it's her right thumb she sucks to go to sleep. It's so dang cute. We lay her down in bed, she smiles at us, we walk out of the room, and she starts sucking her thumb and is asleep in minutes. Precious.
Legs. Sienna has always LOVED to stand up, and that continues into month four. If Sienna is ever wiggly or a bit grouchy, you can just stand her up and she is totally content. In fact, she can pretty much support her entire body weight while standing up if you just help her balance slightly. She's a strong one.
Milk. Sienna continues to pack on the pounds, and she has the cutest cheeks as a result.
Laughing. As the previous video attests, she loves to smile and laugh.
Books. Since Sienna has started to be able to sit up really well lately, we've started reading books. She loves books with bright colors and textures she can touch.
Laying on her back. Sienna loves laying on her back to sleep and play. She protests tummy time. Roll her on her back, and she's loving life.
Stroller toys and rings. Since learning she has hands she can use to grab things, she loves her stroller toys and rattles. She has a caterpillar rattle that hangs on her car seat, and she loves playing with it while in the car.