Friday, November 11, 2011

Daddy Date

Scott has been taking Sienna on 'Daddy dates' recently, and she LOVES them.  I mean seriously, when we ask if she wants to go on a Daddy date, she starts yelling "Daddy Date!" and running around the house.    They love their time together, and it makes me so happy to see their special bond.  Sienna always wants to do the same thing on Daddy date - go to the park and go to BW's.  (Well, anywhere she can have french fries.)  These are a couple pictures from their latest Daddy date.

Sister in town!

My sister came to town for a weekend visit, and we had a fun time!!  Sienna loved seeing her Aunt Kitty, and I'm pretty sure Aunt Kitty felt the same... :)
We went to a Japanese steakhouse one night.
Sienna was intent on using the chopsticks.
Pretty girls
We made s'mores one night, so this is us
sisters looking stylish, as always.
(And representing our roots!)
Reading Curious George before nap time
Giggling in the car together