Sunday, November 29, 2009

The littlest Chiefs fan

We love the Chiefs, even in 're-building' seasons like the current one. We are training Sienna to love the Chiefs, too!

Our little Chiefs cheerleader

Friday, November 27, 2009

Who knew 6AM could be so enjoyable?

This morning around 6 AM, Sienna woke up and started talking to herself in bed. She babbled on for about 30 minutes. It was the most adorable thing! She varied the intonation of her speech from low coos to high pitched squeals. Scott and I just laid in bed and listened to her. So precious! Thankfully, she fell back asleep for another 30 minutes or so before getting up for the morning. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a great day!! We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, and Sienna was a doll... like normal. :) These will also serve as her 12 week pictures, as she'll be 12 weeks tomorrow. She is growing so much and getting to be so much fun! She talks a lot, and she is a happy baby. She has been stretching out her night sleep... going like 7 or 8 hours without waking up. Good girl! She also has found her hands recently, so we've been experiencing lots of drool since she has them in her mouth constantly! Just the other day, she started sucking her thumb pretty consistently. We've been swaddling her hands in a blanket when she sleeps, but I think we're going to start unswaddling them so she can use her thumb to self soothe.

Isn't she a doll?! I loved her sparkly tights, dress & mary janes. So fun to dress little girls!

Proud grandpa, grandma, mom & dad

Sienna's namesake - both her beautiful grandmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Santa Visit

Scott took the day off work on Wednesday, and we headed to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping and to visit Santa Claus. Sienna loved Santa! She told Santa for Christmas that she wants a cousin to play with... any takers, siblings? :) In the 'professional' picture, she has the hugest grin on her face. I don't have the digital of that picture, but I'd be happy to show it to you in person!

Right before Sienna saw Santa. Scott is a pro at getting her to smile. She adores her daddy.
Hi, Santa!

Monday, November 16, 2009

10 weeks

Here is our baby girl at 10 weeks old. She is smiling and talking more than ever. She also continues with her 45 minute naps, but I have found a few tricks to extend those naps. The one that works the best is called "Wake to Sleep". Essentially, I jostle her body about 30 minutes after she has fallen asleep to re-start her sleep clock. (Don't worry... I'm gentle.) Sometimes I jostle her too much, and she wakes up. Bad! But other times, it works like a charm and she snoozes for almost 2 hours. Anyhow, we are just learning more about how Sienna ticks, and I really do love it. Some days I want to pull my hair out, but I am learning that is just part of being a mom. :)

Classic... Sienna wears her spit-up multiple times a day. :)

Monday, November 09, 2009

2 month check-up

Sienna had her 2 month check up last Thursday. She weighed 11 pounds and 4 ounces, which is in the 65th percentile for her age! This is great, considering she was in the 25th percentile at her 2 week check up. Also, the doctor says her motor development is that of a 4 month old already! She can hold her head up, turn it from side to side, and she has been cooing and smiling since week 6. She also started blowing bubbles at about week 8, and the doctor said that normally doesn't happen until around 4 months. I knew we had a smart kiddo! :)

Sienna also got her first round of shots on Thursday. Scott held down her arms while the nurse stuck her three times in the thigh. With the first shot, her eyes got really big when the needle went in, and then she started bawling. Rightly so! I hate shots, too! She cried hard for about 5 minutes, but then calmed down and sacked out for a quick catnap on the drive home. Not too bad!

We also talked to her doctor about her sleep. He said that she could possibly be waking up at that 45 minute mark because of acid reflux. He said the interrupted naps, plus the fact that she spits up and hiccups after every feeding could be a sign. I'm not convinced she has it (because she'll sleep for hours at night without waking), but we've got her on Zantac to see if there's any improvement after a week. The medicine tastes nasty (like bad Peppermint Schnapps), so it's hard to get her to take it. We essentially have to squirt it in her mouth, and hold her mouth & nose shut to force her to swallow. Some times are more successful than others. Ha!

But we are likely going to start the crying it out bit after the Thanksgiving holiday. The doctor said that he believes strongly in the method (used it for each of his three kids), but not to employ it until 3 months. He said the part of a child's brain that can make the connection from day-to-day about sleep habits isn't fully developed until 3 months. I'm not looking forward to doing this, but I know it's best for her. I've been trying to put her down in her crib awake now, so she can be partially prepped for falling asleep on her own. Now I'm just going to have to quit putting her paci back in, patting her little chest or putting her in the swing to help her fall asleep. (Most of the time...)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

45 minute napper

So if you've talked to Scott or I recently, you know that we've been struggling with getting Sienna to take long naps. Ever since she was born, she has always struggled with taking a long nap, outside of her morning nap. She'll usually sleep 1.5 hours for her morning nap, but then the rest of the day she can only go for about a 45 minute nap. For the first 4 - 6 weeks, I thought she was just a short napper. But she was waking out of her naps fussy/crying, so I knew she was either hungry or still tired. Well, she's been gaining weight like a champ, so I've determined it must be tiredness. Did you know that every baby goes through a 45 minute sleep cycle? You can time Sienna's to the second. Literally 45 minutes after she's fallen asleep for her nap (which she does, in her crib, on her own quite nicely), she will wake up. She just can't seem to transition from one sleep cycle to the next. It's the most maddening thing ever, I tell you! So I've started to employ various methods to get her over the 45 minute hump:
1. Sneaking in her room to put her paci back in when 45 minutes comes up. I've had marginal success with this method.
2. Picking her up and re-doing the naptime routine. More successful than method 1. Sometimes I have to do this 2 - 3 times, though. (Just did it for the nap she is taking, and she is sleeping again for another 45 minutes. Hooray!)
3. Sneaking into her room, placing FIRM pressure on her chest and legs at about the 40 minute mark to keep herself from moving too much and waking up. Hardly any success -- she is a strong little girl and likes to wiggle A LOT! This might have worked better when she was younger, but I wasn't aware of this 'problem' back then. :)
4. I've heard of going in to their room at about the 30 minute mark and gently patting them to wake them up, hoping they re-set their clocks and start the 45 minute cycle again. I haven't tried this one because I'm afraid to wake her up!!
5. Cry it out. We haven't tried this one yet, but I think we're only a matter of weeks away.

Okay all you parents out there, has anyone else dealt with the chronic 45 minute napper? Any advice or other suggestions?

Monday, November 02, 2009

8 weeks and Halloween pics!

Here is our little pumpkin at 8 weeks old! Sienna helped us answer the door for trick or treaters, and several of our neighbors got to meet her for the first time. It was a fun night. Halloween also marks the day that Sienna started taking longer naps during the day and only waking up one time at night. I sure do hope that pattern continues!!!