Monday, November 02, 2009

8 weeks and Halloween pics!

Here is our little pumpkin at 8 weeks old! Sienna helped us answer the door for trick or treaters, and several of our neighbors got to meet her for the first time. It was a fun night. Halloween also marks the day that Sienna started taking longer naps during the day and only waking up one time at night. I sure do hope that pattern continues!!!


Jenny said...

She is the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen! Thank you for posting her halloween pics! Btw, Krista, you look so beautiful! :)

Only 3.5 weeks till Thanksgiving!!
Love you guys!

Nana Jones said...

What an adorable pumpkin! I love the little hat! So glad little Sienna Elaine is starting to "Bee" a "Sleeping Beauty!"

Becky said...

Love it! I wondered what she was for Halloween...a pumpkin is just prefect!:)

Molly said...

Isn't it funny how even little days like Halloween become SO much more fun when you are parents? Life just takes on a whole new meaning and holds a new incredible and sweet joy. I love the pics of Sienna with her mommy and daddy! You guys look fantastic. Glad she's sleeping better, it makes all the difference in my mood when my kids sleep well!