Friday, April 30, 2010

The latest...

Looking at the date of my last post gives me a bit more awareness of how busy I have become since starting my new position at Hallmark. It's been exhilarating, but I literally feel like I'm running out of the door in the morning, running around the halls of Hallmark, driving home as fast as I can, and playing with Sienna until the second she goes to bed. By the time her bedtime rolls around, I love to just relax with Scott or to do something that doesn't require thinking. Motivating myself to get on the computer & blog is getting harder!
Anyhow, Sienna has been changing so much in the past few weeks. She gets more adorable and fun everyday.... seems impossible, but it's true. She is just the most precious gift ever.
Sienna is trying to crawl. This week she's started to rock back & forth on her hands and knees. She is trying her hardest to crawl, but she's not quite there yet! She gets frustrated sometimes, and that's when she uses her 'hulk' voice. Too funny. Sometimes I get concerned because her face turns bright red doing her hulk voice! She literally holds her breath & growls. She is also close to cutting her second tooth. It's still not up yet, but I can see it under her gums.
She has turned into quite the flirt and ham out in public. Sienna loves to go out with Scott and I. In fact, I think she gets bored being at home all day long. She loves smiling at perfect strangers (guess that's a good & bad thing!), and she usually wins over our waitress at any restaurant we visit. She smiles at all the kids and laughs when they smile back at her. She really is quite the happy baby.
Sienna loves to take her socks off her feet. When she's in her car seat or in her crib at nap time, she almost always takes her socks off her piggies, as we call them. She thinks it's hilarious, and we think it's adorable!
She continues her preference for mommy (SMILE) and her strong-willed personality. At her sitter's during the week, she has started only eating enough just to get by during the day. Then when I get home, she wants to make up for all the eating she has withheld from during the day. What a nut. :)
She is down to two naps a day. Her morning nap is really short (maybe 40 minutes), and then her afternoon nap is usually 1.5 hours. She has been going down later & later for her afternoon nap (today she was up from 10:45 AM - 3 PM), so I bet it's only a month or so until she is down to one nap instead of two. I will welcome that, as it will give us more time to do things away from our home this summer!
She laughs hysterically when Scott rubs his whiskers on her bare skin. Let me tell you... hearing her laugh like this first thing in the morning does wonders for my mood! (I am not so much a morning person... 6:30 AM is still an early wake-up call for me!)
She loves dogs, and she is trying desperately to make friends with our dog, Maddie. Unfortunately, I think Maddie is still a little jealous of her. They are getting more play time in as Sienna gets more vocal & mobile, so I'm hoping they are fast friends soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A new toy

This toy is for us! We bought a new video camera to capture all things Sienna. She is changing so much every day, and she does the funniest and cutest things... well, at least we think so! This is my first attempt at editing a video, so enjoy our latest Sienna moments... her first rides in a swing (so solemn!), laughing at the dogs, doing her "Hulk" voice (which is due to teething), kicking her legs, clapping together toys, and just loving life.
Easter pictures to come soon... this video editing was all I had in me tonight!
Oh, and she FINALLY broke through her first tooth this past Wednesday! It's one of her bottom front teeth. She is working her other bottom front tooth through now, which means no continuous night sleep for mom & dad! :) Ha! She's been a trooper, though.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seven Month Developments

Seven months has been another marker for a lot of developmental change for Miss Sienna.
She has starting clapping objects together. Scott or I will clap two of her boxes/toys together, and she will reach out for them & imitate our clapping. It is so darn cute! She also loves it when we help her clap her hands to "If You're Happy & You Know It" and to "Patty Cake".
Sienna has also transitioned from 3 naps a day to 2 naps each day. Scott and I love this development, and it comes at a great time as the weather has been so nice in the afternoon & evening. Her napping has started to become a bit more reliable, since she's been feeling better. However, she's been flipping over onto her tummy in her crib, and she gets frustrated & cries out because she can't always figure how to get back onto her back. Silly bunny!
Sienna has also developed a mild case of separation anxiety. She likes to be close to her mommy & daddy! Most kiddos go through this developmental milestone in the second half of their first year. While it can be frustrating, it's a sign that they have developed a strong bond with their parents & prefer their presence. Sweet, if you think about it!
Sienna has also settled into her day care. She loves her sitter and enjoys interacting and laughing with the other kiddos at the house. She normally gives out a protest cry when we walk out, but that only lasts for about 15 - 30 seconds. Then she is all smiles. Already knows how to give a guilt trip.... wow!! Anyhow, I love that she is comfortable there! I am feeling much more settled in back at work, as a result. Life is good!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Woo hoo!!!

We got fantastic news this morning! Sienna's ear infection is GONE!!!!! I came to work with a kick in my step, that is for sure! Honestly, I expected the doctor to tell us her ears were still infected, since her temp spiked up to 103.7 degrees on Saturday night. He said that could have just been another virus, or it could have been due to her teeth. Her poor little gums are swollen as can be, and you can feel the tops of her bottom two teeth. They should be pushing through anytime now. (Although, I feel like I've been saying that for 2 months now. Wait, I have been. Ha.) So, we are ecstatic at the Williams household. Our poor baby has been battling this infection since February, so we are glad to put it behind us!
We also got other news this morning. Scott's company, Medegen, has been acquired by CareFusion. Communication thus far has been that CareFusion will retain the Medegen sales management staff. Scott has several conference calls this week to work out the details. This is the second acquisition Scott has been through in the past 3 years. We are learning acquisitions & change are inevitable in the medical device industry. We are excited & anxious to see how this change will impact Scott! We'll keep you posted.
We had a fantastic birthday (Scott) and Easter weekend. Lots of pictures to be posted soon!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Another milestone

About a month ago, Sienna rolled over from her back to her stomach. However, I'm pretty sure it was an 'accident', and she didn't really mean to because she looked quite surprised when it happened! But on Thursday night, we laid her on her back to play after dinner, and she flipped right over to get one of her toys. It was so darn cute! I realize most kiddos roll over from back to stomach sooner, but Sienna has always HATED being on her tummy. I wondered if she would ever roll over because she used to just scream when on her tummy. Not anymore! We are relishing these last couple months (hopefully) before Sienna is really on the move. She is a strong little girl! She can stand up while holding onto the couch, chair, mommy's leg, etc. for about 10 minutes... maybe longer, if we let her!

We also snapped this cute picture of Sienna taking a bath in our sink. She fits quite nicely. Sienna loves the water!

Gramma & Grandpa Kuehn sent Sienna an Easter card that has a felt chick on the card. (Yes, it is a Hallmark card! Only the best!!!) Sienna loved feeling the chick on the front of the card. I also think she looks so grown-up in these pictures. She is in 9 month clothing, wears a size 3 diaper (getting snug, though!), and I think she's going to need a haircut before her first birthday!