Friday, April 02, 2010

Another milestone

About a month ago, Sienna rolled over from her back to her stomach. However, I'm pretty sure it was an 'accident', and she didn't really mean to because she looked quite surprised when it happened! But on Thursday night, we laid her on her back to play after dinner, and she flipped right over to get one of her toys. It was so darn cute! I realize most kiddos roll over from back to stomach sooner, but Sienna has always HATED being on her tummy. I wondered if she would ever roll over because she used to just scream when on her tummy. Not anymore! We are relishing these last couple months (hopefully) before Sienna is really on the move. She is a strong little girl! She can stand up while holding onto the couch, chair, mommy's leg, etc. for about 10 minutes... maybe longer, if we let her!

We also snapped this cute picture of Sienna taking a bath in our sink. She fits quite nicely. Sienna loves the water!

Gramma & Grandpa Kuehn sent Sienna an Easter card that has a felt chick on the card. (Yes, it is a Hallmark card! Only the best!!!) Sienna loved feeling the chick on the front of the card. I also think she looks so grown-up in these pictures. She is in 9 month clothing, wears a size 3 diaper (getting snug, though!), and I think she's going to need a haircut before her first birthday!


Hannah Williams said...

I can't wait to see my little one next weekend sometime!!! Hopefully! :)

Sara S. said...

Love, love, love this post! The pictures are so adorable and she is getting so grown up! Seriously, she is just so stinkin cute! I love the video and her face as she looks at you both clapping and excited, "Like guys, I always had it in me, I just like how you get all excited about it!" So great Krista. Can't wait to see you both in June!