Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 year stats

Sienna had her two year well check-up last Friday, and she is doing stellar.  Her language skills are above the level of where she should be at 3 years old.  By 3 years old, kids should be speaking in 5 word sentences, know how to count to 5 and know 5 shapes.  Sienna speaks in 7 - 8 word sentences, knows how to count to 10, and knows several shapes.  Go, Sienna!  Also, she continues to be above average in height.  She is 35.5" tall (90th percentile) and weighs almost 29 lbs. (75th percentile).  She is the average height of a nearly 3 year old -- no wonder people ask us all the time if she is three!  The doctor predicts she will be 5' 9" tall.  If he's right, she'll surpass both Scott and I!
Sienna knows how to kick a ball and is trying to catch balls, but doesn't quite have the hang of it yet.  She is still pretty cautious.  She wants to hold our hands going down the stairs, and she isn't very daring.  I'm hoping this means no trips to the ER!  Our pediatrician said that most first borns are cautious, and most second borns are daring.  Medical associations have done a lot of research to determine the cause of this behavior, but there really is no explanation - interesting!
Also interesting, our pediatrician said about 45% of children in Kansas City are obese.  Not just overweight, but obese (20 lbs. or more over their ideal weight).  I thought that was sad.  Not because I am obsessed with being the perfect weight, but because those kids are starting off life with an uphill battle to be a healthy teenager and adult.  Our pediatrician also mentioned the weight epidemic was not limited to a certain social class or race.  He believes parents' busy schedules and reluctance to tell their kids 'no' are the main contributors of the problem.  It was a good reminder of me that our job as parents is to guide our children to the path that is best for them, not just the easiest -- in all areas of their lives.  But don't get me wrong, we enjoy chicken nuggets at our house from time to time.  :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Birthday Day Pics

Sienna wanted a cupcake for breakfast, so we lit the candles & sang!
So happy!!
"Can I have another one?"
Right after breakfast, she wasted no time getting on her Minnie jacket
and feeding her baby breakfast.
And she quickly moved onto her new art easel.
I think she likes the magnets more than the drawing, at this point in time!
We spent quite a bit of time at the park today... Sienna's fav spot!
It was a gorgeous, perfect day!
Putting on her make-up... a girl's gotta look good on her birthday!
So excited about her birthday and about her lipsticks!!
Taking a bite out of her gigantic sandwich!!
Tickles and kisses from daddy -- the best!
We took her Minnie balloon outside to play.  Right after this picture was taken,
Minnie became airborne and floated across the street and over our neighbor's house.
Scott ran to get it, and luckily saved it!  Sienna kept saying, "Bye-bye, Minnie!"
Pops and Sienna sharing their birthday and blowing out their candles!
Sienna especially liked licking off the icing!

Party Pics

Happy birthday, Sienna!  She loved all the balloons!
Our little family of three!
We had Minnie shaped hamburgers! 
I made a couple bean bag tosses for the kids - a huge hit!
Sienna and Scott watching the bean bag toss fun!
Sienna enjoying a Rice Krispy 'sucker'.
I think she had about 4 that night - sugar high!!!
So excited about her presents!
When we first came upstairs to open presents, she started shrieking
in happiness and running circles around the living room.
THE Minnie Mouse jacket. 
As you can see, she was ECSTATIC about it!
Listening to the book Aunt Jenny and Uncle Drew recorded for her.
Opening her new art easel - already getting lots of use!
Feeding her baby.  She is obsessed with giving this baby its bottle & paci.
End of the night... dragging around her baby, baby's high chair
and giant Minnie balloon.  What more could a girl want?!
A view of the decorations the next morning...
forgot to take many pictures the day of the party!


Buglet -
You turn two today!  Daddy and I are so excited to celebrate you this weekend.  We love being your parents; you bring so much love, joy and excitement into our home.  You are such a dynamic little girl.  You are very determined, and you definitely know what you want.  Underneath that determination lays a tender, soft spirit, too.  Daddy and I love how sensitive you are, and we love to protect you when you are feeling a little unsure of a situation.  You love to be loud, to sing, to dance, to jump on the couch, and to play under the covers in our bed.  You love for us to make up funny songs or to sing you new songs.  Some of your favorites lately are "My Girl", "The Corduroy Song", "Walking on Sunshine" and "This Little Light of Mine".
Your imagination has really taken off!  You love to play in your kitchen and make us all kinds of 'meals'.  You also like to put your dolls and stuffed animals in time out.  You tell them, "Listen.  You no hit."  Or, "You no listen to mommy."  You like to put your dolly in your shopping cart and pretend to go to Hy-Vee.  You wave at me and say, "Bye-bye, Mommy.  I go to Hy-Vee (Hy-B) and get a cookie."
You are really into painting and building things.  You don't really color that much anymore, but you love to use the watercolors and make little craft projects with me.  You also like to paint yourself using mommy's make-up.  You are always asking, "Mommy, where my lipstick?"  So for your birthday, we bought you a mini make-up set.  We hope you don't ever realize it's not real make-up!  Even more, I hope you always know that you are beautiful without make-up.  And I'm not just saying that because I am your mommy.  You are beautiful.  Especially when you grin.  :)
You are becoming more independent.  You are starting to learn how to dress yourself.  You keep telling me that you are ready to wear big girl panties, too.  And we've talked about saying bye-bye to your paci now that you are two and a big girl.  I think it will be hard for you (and for daddy and I) to part with that paci, but it's about time.  I hope you aren't sad for too long.
You understand choices and consequences for your actions.  You respond well when we give you a choice between two options.  And if you aren't ready to do what mommy or daddy has asked, you often put yourself in time out until you are ready to obey.  It's so precious!  We have to turn our faces away from you, so you don't see us laugh and smile.  (In Colorado, you went and sat by a tree in 'time out' until you were ready to cooperate and listen to us.  It was so hilarious!)
Along with your fiercely independent side, you have a sweet side that melts both Daddy and I.  Just randomly, you will look at us and say, "I love you, Daddy.  I love you, Mommy."  The other day, you were getting ready to take a bath, and you were playing with my hair and said, "Mommy, you pretty."  Then you turned to look at Daddy and said, "Daddy, you old."  Ha!  You are such a little rascal!
We love you more than you can imagine.  Happy second birthday, lovie.
Mommy & Daddy