Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paci Fairy

The Paci Fairy visited the Williams household this past Friday night.  We've been talking up the Paci Fairy story to Sienna for a couple weeks.  It goes something like this...
You don't need your pacis anymore because you're a big girl!  The Paci Fairy is going to come to our house and give your pacis to a baby that needs them.  In exchange for your pacis, the Paci Fairy will leave you a present!  
When we talked about the Paci Fairy, sometimes Sienna would be really excited.  Other times, she would say, "I no give my pacis to the Paci Fairy.  I need them.  I still a baby."
So on Friday night before we left for her daycare Christmas party, we rounded up all the pacis and put them in a special bag for the Paci Fairy.  At first, Sienna was really excited.  As she started putting them all in the bag, she got visibly sad.  So, we let her hold her last two pacis while we changed her outfit for the party.  After we changed her clothes, she stood in front of the bag, sucking on the pacis.  She put one in the bag.  Then she sucked on the last one for a good 30 seconds before slowing plunking it into the bag.  The she immediately said, "I'm a big girl!  I no need my pacis!"  She totally knew what was going on.  Melted my heart.
When we pulled in the driveway from her party later that night, she asked for her pacis.  We told her that we thought the Paci Fairy had come.  She said, "NO!  I NEED THEM!"  So we went upstairs to see if they were still there.  In place of the bag of pacis was a present.  She was ecstatic!  I asked her what she thought it was.  Her exact quote - "It's a lion from the Paci Fairy!"  Thank goodness we guessed right and bought the big stuffed lion.  She pulled him out of the bag, danced around the room with him, and said she was a big girl and didn't need her pacis! She was thrilled, and I cried!  I've really been holding back on wanting to see her as a big girl, so it was a bit emotional for me.  Sienna named him Tasa the Lion.  About 20 minutes later, she asked where her pacis were.  We told her the Paci Fairy took them to the babies.  And that was the last we heard about the pacis that night.  She stalled going to bed (pretty normal), but eventually laid right down in her bed and went to sleep without a peep.  (She even slept til 8:30 the next morning.)  We were AMAZED.  Nap time has been a bit harder for her to settle down, but we haven't had any of the crying and major whining we expected.  She's a smart little bugger.  And her new BFF is Tasa the Lion.  She sleeps with him, combs his mane and holds conversations with him.  Just precious.
(Side story:  We told our sitter that Sienna couldn't have her paci anymore on Monday when she's back at daycare.  Her sitter started cracking up and said she hasn't had it there in like 6 months!  What a trickster.)
Paci down.  Potty and big girl bed to go.
Opening her Paci Fairy present & dancing
with Tasa on her head

Laying down and 'talking' to Tasa

Sweet dreams with her favorite lion