Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zoo, Farm, Apples, Standing & "Uh-oh!"

Sienna has been doing SO MUCH lately, that we can hardly keep up with all her changes. She started pulling-up this Friday. Ever since she has learned how to pull up to standing, she's been obsessed with pulling-up on everything... toys, chairs, window sills, piano benches, etc.

Also starting this past week, Sienna says "uh-oh" every time she drops something... usually her food or sippy cup from her high chair. It is the cutest thing ever. I know our smiles & laughter are encouraging her to continue to intentionally drop things, but we just can't help ourselves. And she is so serious when she says, "uh-oh", but we know that it is all an act! She knows what she's doing! In fact, today she started saying "uh-oh" right BEFORE she threw her cup on the floor. Stinker.

Sienna has had a lot of fun with her grandparents lately... a trip to the zoo with Gramma Kuehn, a trip to the farm with Nana & PaPa Jones, and a spaghetti dinner with Pops & Grandma Williams (while Scott & I went to dinner to celebrate our 7th anniversary).

Gramma and I going to see all the African animals

Pointing at the animals... and trying to stay cool in the heat!

Watching the zebra, giraffe and hippos with Gramma

"I can stand up on my own!"

Helping with the dishes after breakfast

Sienna loves pizza... she wanted Scott to share with her, even though she had already had dinner!

Her top teeth are coming in, which means her ice cube holder is back in full force. Look at those eyes!

Sienna playing with her new, favorite "toy" - a snack holder. Hilarious! I think she ate too much candy that day. Ha!

I was eating an apple for lunch, and Sienna insisted on trying it, too. As you can see, she became obsessed quickly.

A montage of Sienna learning how to pull-up. Plus, an especially cute moment of her playing with Scott at the window.

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Nana Jones said...

Sienna is just a JOY and so ADORABLE! We love everything this angel does!!! Awesome pics and videos Krista! Love, love, the "I Love Nana" pink onesie!!!!