Wednesday, August 04, 2010

11 months

Sienna turned 11 months old today, so the countdown to her first birthday has started! I can't believe it's almost time to celebrate her first year of life! Scott and I were just talking about when she was a newborn, and how we couldn't imagine her being a year old. She seemed so tiny, and time seemed to pass slowly in those early, trying months. But now here we are, with a baby who is almost walking, babbling up a storm, crawling up the stairs, eating hot dogs & watermelon, giving kisses, and learning to do so much on her own. What a dynamic year!
Her front, top teeth have finally broken through her gums (well at least one has... she's still working on the other). Poor thing teethes forever before her teeth actually come in. She gets a bit fussy, but nothing major. And luckily, she sleeps through the night when she's teething.

At the indoor playground at a local mall. She loved crawling through this tree trunk and 'playing' with all the other kids.

Sienna and Scott rode the carousel at the mall, too. Funny story. Scott told me when he first approached the horse on the carousel, he was thinking, "how am I going to hoist myself up on this horse AND get Sienna on my lap?" Luckily, he spotted another little tyke who was sitting on the horse alone, so Scott saved himself an embarrassing moment and potential injury. (Well I guess he wasn't spared of the embarrassment since I'm recounting it here. Thanks for being a good sport, honey!)

So cute with her pigtails & painted toenails

So sweet.... "put me to bed, Daddy."

Crawling up the stairs... a favorite activity lately

After she crawls up the stairs, she immediately crawls into the bathroom and peaks her head around the door at us with a big smile. We do this EVERY time she crawls up the stairs - great memory!

Sienna knows to hold the phone up to her ear and "talk" when someone else is on the line. Seriously?!? She already wants to talk on the phone?!

In an outfit for her namesake, Bee


Gretchen said...

OH my word! she just gets cuter and cuter!! I got a little teary eyed at the picture of Scott and Sienna snuggling. SOOOO CUTE!!!

Aunt Karla said...

She is THE CUTEST!!! I love you so much SiSi. Thanks for a good update on the blog sis. I can't wait to come to KC and play and snuggle with that cute little bee...she can even sting me!!!

I like the background change too...what prompted that decision...curious Aunt Kitty is wondering???

Nana Jones said...

Oh my goodness! I love the pics of Sienna with her pigtails AND in her yellow and black bee outfit with the wings! Nana had to buy that one!!!!! If Sienna gets any cuter and I know she will, Nana's heart might just burst with honey for this little BEE!!!!!!

Krista said...

Sis - I was just ready for a change from the pink polka dots. Needed something a bit more whimsical & serene!

Molly said...

I so know what you mean about those first few months passing so slowly. Its amazing when I think back to Owen as an infant...such a precious time! Then when they start doing stuff and become little people, time just speeds up WAY too fast!

Love this post and all the sweet pics of Sienna. Can't wait to see the party pics! Love you friend!

ps-Totally cracked up about Scott getting on the horse! Love it!

Tara said...

Krista - I can't get over how much she's starting to look like you! What a sweetie!

Julie said...

She is such a doll and getting so big!! Can't believe she's almost a year old!