Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sienna's first Royals game

We took Sienna to her first Royals game on Saturday night versus the NY Yankees. We had a great time! Sienna looked like she was ready to fall asleep in her car seat on our way to the game, but she perked up almost immediately when we walked into the stadium. She's like her momma; a crowd energizes her! Sienna actually sat in our seats for nearly FOUR innings before needing to get up and move. I was very impressed. A combination of ballpark food, the game, and books kept her busy & happy.
Kauffman Stadium is awesome for kids. If you haven't been; the stadium has a whole section for kids complete with a playground, fountains to play in, a mini-ball diamond, pitching & batting cages, carousel and plenty of room to run. So after the fifth inning, we headed to the kids area to play & have some ice cream.
Sienna LOVED the crowd noises, people watching, 'meeting' all the people sitting around us, and the ice cream. She was up until about 10 PM and did great. Ironically, though, she was up bright and early at 6 AM the next morning. Sienna is definitely not a kiddo you can keep up late and get her to sleep in the next morning. But we love that she is able to stay up late from time to time!
Pointing to the players on the field... I wish she could have verbalized what she was thinking!

Feet crossed & clapping for the Royals. Just precious.

Sienna discovers her new favorite food....


Washing down all that ketchup with a big chug of water - LOL. The water bottle is one of Sienna's favorite toys.

In line for the carousel with Nana & slugger. Didn't want to stand still!

First ride with me & my mom

Second ride with Scott... kissing Slugger before the ride begins.


Finishing up the night with Sheridan's ice cream. (I didn't capture the fit she threw when we made her stop eating. Poor baby!)


Nana Jones said...

It was a great evening and so fun watching Sienna watch the people around her. Of course, everyone thought she was so cute with her big blue eyes and delightful smile! This baby girl knows how to enjoy the carousel and her ice cream!

Nana Jones said...
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