Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sienna's first trip

Scott, myself, Sienna and my parents flew to Indianapolis last Friday evening to spend the weekend with my sister and Matt. This was Sienna's first plane ride, and she did AWESOME!! Seriously, she acted like she'd been flying her whole life. (All five months of it, mind you!) She only fussed for like 15 seconds upon departure, but quickly stopped when she ate or sucked on her pacifier.
At KCI... getting ready to board the plane

We had a great time with my sister, Matt, and his family. It was so great to just hang out and have time together as a family. We celebrated my mom's birthday and Matt's mom's birthday on Saturday night, and we watched the Superbowl on Sunday night. Matt and his family are HUGE Colts fans, and Scott and I have never liked the Colts.... for good reason! The Colts have knocked the Chiefs out of the playoffs in our past three attempts. Ugh. But we decided to take the high road this weekend, and we surprised everyone with our very own Colts t-shirts. Sienna even wore a Colts bib! :) Matt and Karla were surprised... they figured we'd wear our Chiefs gear or a Saints jersey!
The birthday girls

The fam at Scotty's Brewhouse

Sienna with Uncle Matt & Aunt Kitty

Sienna with mommy & daddy

Sienna with Nana & PaPa

Superbowl night at the Roy's

To make the weekend even more entertaining, Sienna started teething! Oh, yes. It was fun! She wasn't napping well (not unusual at home, though) nor sleeping at night well (very unusual). I just thought it was because she was in a new environment, but Sunday night was bad. She was up like 5 times fussing and crying. In the morning, she had cuts all over her thumb and finger from biting her hand all night. Poor baby!! Aunt Kitty let her suck on ice until PaPa could get back from the store with Orajel. She was much happier after we numbed her gums. We still can't see her teeth yet, so I'm guessing we're still in for a few fussy nights of teething. Woo hoo!
Aunt Kitty letting our little elf suck on an ice cube to soothe her sore gums

Reading a book with Nana on the plane ride back to KC


Aunt Karla said...

What a great recap of our weekend Sis! It was so Awesome to have you all here and I really appreciate your willingness to travel. I love you so much. Good pictures too! It was such a fun weekend...lots of good time together. Love you three!!

Nana Jones said...

What a fun trip to Indy we had with with baby Sienna, Scott and you! It was the best birthday Nana has ever had! I loved just being with my whole fam for 3 days! Thanks for going the extra mile. Everyone enjoyed each other and SIENNA so much!

Hannah Williams said...

I have a great idea for Sienna's next plane ride... ;)