Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I love my...

Since this blog is mostly serving as Sienna's baby book, I thought I'd list a few things she really loves at 3 months old.
- Paci. It signals naptime and bedtime, and it does a great job in helping her wind down.
- Daddy. Scott plays this really cute game with her. His eyes are wide and he has a huge smile, and he says "I'm going to get you!" She smiles and coos every time.
- Maddie. She loves staring at Maddie and watching her run around.
- Bouncy seat and crib gym. These are her two favorite "toys". She loves to stare and talk at the rings and stuffed animals hanging overhead.
- Mirror. Loves looking at herself, and she becomes quite the chatterbox in front of the mirror.
- Stuffed animals. Again, she loves talking to her stuffed bears and puppies. We just put them down next to her, and she strikes up a conversation. Cute!
- The color red. We think she has just started seeing red because she stares at anything that has red... clothing, cups, my hair dryer, etc.
- Christmas tree. She is entranced by all the little white lights on the tree. It's fun to hold her and let her stare at the tree.
- Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles. Sienna lights up when her family is around.


Aunt Karla said...

Things I love at age 26:

-Spending time with my adorable niece Sienna!!

-Watching my Sis become an amazing mommy!

-Watching Scottie become an outstanding daddy!

I love you Williams' party of 3!

Jenny said...

I love how happy Sienna looks in the last picture with her mommy and Aunt Karla! So precious!