Monday, January 30, 2012

December catch-up

Striking a pose!

Family Christmas pic!

Love this one of Scott & Sienna.  She is always saying,
"Daddy, you silly!"

Hi, cutie!

Nana came over to take our pic & got to grab a few
cute ones with Sienna.

Sienna really started getting into the dress-up thing this month.
Love this outfit - footie PJ's, Minnie Mouse light-up shoes, 4th of July necklaces,
and Sleeping Beauty sunglasses.

Classic picture!  Obviously, she still didn't like Santa this year!  We thought we'd see
how she did at Kenda's Christmas party.  Epic fail.
So we didn't even try to visit Santa at the mall.

Mom & I continued our annual tradition of baking sugar cookies.
This was the first year Sienna really  helped.  She liked cutting out the dough,
but mostly liked eating the icing and sprinkles.

So much fun!
(Don't you love the necklace Sienna insisted I wear all day?!?)

Loving the sprinkles

Nothing says happiness like a blue sprinkle mouth
On the Plaza for our annual family holiday dinner

She wanted to take all the pictures by the penguins (background)
Celebrating Gramma's birthday

These are the cookies & milk she left for Santa -
pretend/play food from her kitchen!  LOL!
She doesn't really get the Santa thing quite yet.

Santa presents - check!

She loved her art desk!

She thinks her cash register is a phone!
What can I say - the girl loves to talk on the phone already.

She loved digging through her stocking

Chatting it up with Little Granny during Christmas brunch

Getting a ride on her new bike from Grandma!

Aunt Jenny made this Minnie Mouse dress!

Reading books with Pops

Williams/Triplett fam

Went out with my sister & Matt on NYE - so fun!!
Miss these two - get back here Rascals!

Love my sister so, so much!


Aunt Karla said...

Yea! Love the new posts :) Love you so, so much too!

Jenny said...

Yay! Love seeing the pictures! Christmas was so wonderful! Love you all!