Sunday, March 04, 2012

Potty Party

Since Thursday, we've been having a potty party at our house.  Sienna woke up on Thursday morning, and she said, 'I'm ready for my potty party!"  We'd been talking up the idea of saying goodbye to her diapers and using the big girl potty all the time, and I guess she just knew Thursday was the day!  So, we rounded up all the treats in our house, set them out on display for motivation, and started potty training.  She did great!  The first day, I had to remind her to use the potty.  She tinkled a few times in her underwear, but would stop herself and  finish in the potty - awesome!  She didn't like feeling wet.  She would get upset/embarrassed and whine, "Mommy, I need my diaper."  I'd just have to give her a hug, some encouragement, a dry pair of princess panties, and we were on our way!  The second day after she woke up from her nap, something just clicked for her.  She started going to the potty all on her own; we didn't even have to ask/remind her.  She'd just stop what she was doing, announce (sometimes) she needed to pee/poop, and off she'd go!  She is definitely going to kill me later for sharing this, but.... The cutest part is when she needs to poop, she generally will go upstairs and tell us to stay downstairs until she calls for us.  A girl's gotta have her privacy, right?!  Love it!
So happy to start the potty party!!  Her favorite treats are
marshmallows, M&Ms, chocolate coins and lemonade.
The HUGE sucker that motivated her first poop in the potty!
So, she's totally potty trained, except for nighttime.  Even when she naps, she's figured out she needs to hold it until Scott or I can get her out of bed.  So, so, proud of our little girlie!!  Just in time for her 2 and a half birthday today! Way to go, Sienna!

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Jenny said...

I am so proud of her! Who wouldn't love a potty party! :)