Monday, September 14, 2009

So in love...

Below are a few more pictures of Sienna's first week. We are so in love with our little one!! She has a head full of dark hair, which she gets from her daddy. Scott and I were both born with brown hair, but Scott had more and it was very dark like Sienna's. Sienna looks most like my baby pictures at this point in time. I think she definitely has my nose and mouth. Her face shape and eyes might be more like Scott's, though. We'll see! She is changing so much every day.

We are having her picture taken tomorrow, and I am so excited! The photographer is coming to our house for a three hour session, so we should get lots of great pictures.

This week has been exhausting yet so rewarding for Scott and I. Sienna started out breast feeding fantastically, but she got derailed about mid-way through last week. We started supplementing with formula and pumping. It has been an exhausting routine, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just trying to take it day by day, which is easier said than done!

I love these socks!! They look like little mary janes!

Sienna loves her swing.

Day two of Sienna's life. The cap is courtesy of the night nurses at St. Luke's East. Love it!


Erin said...

See is SOOOOOOO cute! When do I get to meet her?

Kristin Jenison said...

She is just the cutest little thing. I thought the pics you posted earlier of her looked like Scott but the one of her in the swing I can see your profile a bit. They seem to go back in forth that's so hard to tell at this point. Either way she is still very cute. Congrats to you both and we'll see you next Thursday!

Daysha said...

Krista!!! She's beautiful!! From experience with pumping and supplementing...yes it's EXHAUSTING!!! My only advice is do what's best for the 3 of you.

Nana Jones said...

Sienna is ADORABLE! She is so sweet I just want to squeeze her to pieces! I cannot imagine life without her anymore. Nana has enjoyed her "slumber parties" with Sienna already! Krista, you and Scott have been so good and loving with baby Sienna Elaine. I am so proud of the mommy you have become!

Jenny Triplett said...

I just love this little girl! She is so precious! I can't believe how much she's changed in a week and a half!

I think Sienna and I need to schedule some Aunt/niece time over Thanksgiving! :)

Love you guys