Saturday, June 05, 2010

Another half marathon

This morning, Scott finished his second half marathon! It was a humid morning and an incredibly hilly course, but he still managed to better his time and run an excellent race! (His time was 2:02 - go, Scott!) Sienna and I went down to the finish line at Crown Center to celebrate this huge accomplishment! I am so proud of him and inspired to get my butt back out on the road, again!

So proud of daddy!

Finish line kisses

Happy baby! (With Shawna, a friend of ours who also had a GREAT 1/2 marathon!)

Laughing with Caden

This is Sienna at 5 weeks - her age during Scott's last half marathon! What a change!

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Molly said...

So impressed Scott! And yes, it is motivating isn't it? It's so cool to watch people do this...accomplish something so huge. You can't help but get teary even when you don't know them or their story. Its just wonderful!

And...sister is gettin chubby! Mercy, bet you can't quit smooching those cheeks!