Friday, September 10, 2010

Sienna's 1st Bee-Day!

Sienna is ONE! We can't believe it has been one year! In some ways, this year has seemed much longer than just 12 months. In other ways, it seems like only a few weeks ago when we brought Sienna home from the hospital.
We celebrated her birthday with a bee themed birthday party and lots of time with our friends and family. Aunt Kitty and Uncle Rascal came in from Sacramento, and Unkie Kyle & Aunt Hannah came in from New York for the party. So fun to have them here to celebrate with us!
I've tried to tell her birthday weekend through pictures, below. We had so many good memories and so many good pictures, I know I didn't capture all the fun, laughs & memories. I think I've hit the high points, though.
Sienna, your daddy & I had such a good time celebrating your first year. You are a beautiful baby -- we love your chubby cheeks, bright blues eyes, button nose, curly tendrils, and little mouth. Even more, your happy disposition and infectious laugh make our ordinary days extraordinary! You have brought so much joy and perspective into our life. We look forward to many more bee-days with you!

My mom helped me make Sienna's bee cake. It turned out awesome, after MANY hours of work!

My sister and I baked and iced these bee sugar cookies. They turned out so cute!

We took Sienna to Deanna Rose on her birthday... love the pint-sized bench!

She loved sitting on the swing.

Beginning of the party... Sienna was a little unsure of the house full of people, at first. She came around to the crowd, though, and was her normal, charming self!

Sienna enjoying pizza for her bee-day dinner. (I made the bee antenna for kids & adults to wear at her party!)

Opening presents

Loving the rocking horse from daddy & mommy!

The cake!

Sienna's own cake

She was intrigued why everyone was singing to her!

But after we finished singing, she clapped her hands & wanted us to do it again!

First taste of her cake - a success!

Sienna loved her cake (mostly the icing), and she loved all the attention she received!

But once Sienna tasted the ice cream, she was done with the cake. She ate two ice cream cones - ice cream AND cone.

She had icing and melted ice cream all over herself. She was so happy!

Two birthday people together!

All the kids wanted rides in Sienna's new red wagon. This is Aliyah and Sienna.

Blowing bubbles with her favorite pal, Caden.

Another ride with Vivian, and a birthday hug from Caden.

Alden and Sienna kissed several times in the wagon! So sweet!

"Got your eye, Uncle Rascal!"

Karla & Matt were good to entertain the kids!

Pops playing with Sienna at the end of the party.

Cake & ice cream washed off, ready for bed in her bee pj's.

The next morning, Sienna was ready for another wagon ride! (She is obsessed with toothbrushes lately... we just go with it!)

Shoulder ride with Unkie Kyle!

Playing with her new fridge magnets and wearing her bee antenna again.

Sienna learned how to open the door and get in her car. She was so proud!


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for putting all those up! I so wish we could have been there! Sienna is beyond adorable! Love her cute little outfits! :)

Love you guys

TexasRed said...

How adorable!!

Aunt Karla said...

Great recap of an awesome weekend Sis! It was so much fun to hang out and celebrate such a fabulous first year with Sienna!

Sienna~Uncle Rascal and I love you sooo much. It has been so neat to watch you grow up and watch your mommy and daddy love you with all their hearts.

Love you BEE girl!!!!!

Becky said...

So adorable! What a great party:)