Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 month Sienna-isms

I am slightly freaking out that Sienna is going to be 2 years old in a couple months... ahhh!!! Anyhow, she has been so stinking cute lately and doing/saying some of the funniest things (Sienna-isms, if you will) that I just have to write down, so we can remember these fleeting moments.
- Her favorite song to sing is "The More We Get Together". She loves to sing this song at the top of her lungs (she accurately sings most of the words) and gallop/skip around in a circle. She will either make her own circle, or she will gallop/skip around an object or a person in the middle of the room. She loves for Scott to play the song on the piano while she dances and sings. "Daddy, play 'More We Get Together'."
- She has learned to jump!! Oh goodness, and she sure is excited to be able to get both her little feet of the ground at once! She's not getting much height in that jump at the moment, but it's precious nonetheless.
- She has started to pick-up some of the slang Scott and I use. Her word this week is 'sure'. So we ask her, "Sienna, do you want yogurt for breakfast?" Her reply - "Yeah, sure." Cracks me up to hear such a casual, grown-up phrase from her little self!
- She wakes up each morning, and she immediately wants to know where everyone is going for the day. "Where we goin'?" She wants to know if it's a work day, a play day, a Kenda (her sitter) day, or a Mommy day. It breaks my heart when it's a work day for both of us, and she says, "No Kenda house. Play Mommy house." Ahhhhh!!!!! Just put a knife through my heart during moments like that! (But then we have other days when I'm not working, and she asks if she can "go play Kenda's house?". Guess I'm not so fun all the time!)
- Her imaginative play has really kicked into gear the past couple months. She LOVES playing with her kitchen set and making Scott and I various food concoctions. She also likes to change her dolly's diaper, take her dolly on a walk in the stroller, and put her dolly to bed.
- We introduced the time out chair a few weeks ago, too. She is definitely testing the boundaries. She obviously does not like time out, but it is effective! It was tough for me to start putting her in time out, but she quickly caught on to the concept and tries to avoid it!
- Sienna understands the concept of being shy. Well, to her, shy means not wanting to talk/touch/recognize a certain person in her midst. She was being 'shy' one night towards my dad.... not letting him hug her, be alone in the same room with her, etc. When we got in the car to go home she said, "Sienna shy PaPa." That little stinker knows what she is doing!!! So we have lots of pep talks on our way to gatherings about not being shy... it seems to work! She will normally say, "Okay, Mommy. Sienna no shy."
Love our little rascal!


Jenny said...

Gosh, this is killing me not seeing her! Im sending her birthday present via Susan! These 6 months in between seeing her is crazy!! Please tell her how much we love her!!

Aunt Karla said...

Awww! I hear ya Jenny. I haven't seen my rascally niece since January. I am not proud...never again! She is just the cutest and getting cuter each day. Good update and post Sis. Can't wait to have "Aunt Kitty Day". Love you Sienna! Love you Sis!!

Nana Jones said...

Sienna sings so many cute songs now, but "The More We Get Together" is her and Nana's theme song for the summer! The other day, I swallowed something wrong at dinner and was choking/coughing and Sienna said "No cough Nana!" Cracked us up!

Becky said...

Awe what a glad we got to spend some time together over the 4th! Love you that Sienna!