Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun Reactions

Scott and I have had a great time telling our friends & family about our little one. We've compiled some of our favorite quotes/reactions to our news. Enjoy!

"Grandma's show & tell. Grandma's show..." - Grandma Marilyn
We wrapped up a picture flip book, and the front cover said "Grandma's Show & Tell". When Marilyn opened it up, she read the title out loud. It didn't sink in that she was the grandma until she started reading it the second time! It was so cute to see her excited expression!

"---- (silence)" - Grandma Joyce
My mom opened the same picture flip book we gave Marilyn, and her eyes got huge and her mouth dropped open. She just looked at me in shock, and didn't say a word.... which is a rarity for my mom! For those of you who know my mom, she is a bubbly & expressive woman! I was lucky enough to capture her expression in a series of pictures!

"Oh, thanks for bringing that back." - Grandpa Dave
"Wait, I think I already returned that to the store." - Grandma Susan
This reaction requires a bit of background. For Christmas this year, Dave & Susan thought it'd be funny to wrap up a baby outfit to give as the 'grand prize' in our family annual gift exchange. When the baby outfit was opened, I tried to hide my shocked expression. I was sure somehow they'd found out we were pregnant. But it was just a coincidence. So to tell Dave & Susan we were expecting, we ordered the same baby outfit & gave it back to them. Dave thought we were returning the original outfit, and Susan was confused at first b/c she knew she'd returned it to the store back in December. Seconds later, they both realized the joke was on them this time!

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" - Aunt Karla
We flew to Denver to tell Matt & Karla the good news. My sister was the first to figure me out back in December, but I vehemently denied I was pregnant when she confronted me. (No one knows you like your sister!!) So when we told them we were having a baby, Karla just screamed with excitement. They were the first family to know! It was a fun way to start telling everyone our good news.


TexasRed said...

Great announcement ideas! Love the pictures :)

(aka TexasRed)

Nana Jones said...

Actually, Bruce and I thought something was up at Christmas/New Years as well. We talked to Karla and Matt and they agreed so Karla decided to go to her sister and ask
if she was pregnant. Of course, Krista, absolutely denied she was and so I let it go. Glad I did because it was great fun for them to tell me on my birthday!

Jenny said...

Yay! I love all of the reactions! I drove Andrew crazy the rest of the night talking about how excited I was for ya'll and trying to figure out how many time we can come up this fall to see the baby ( and you two, of course!)!


Erin said...

When we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa I ALMOST asked when you were going to have a baby. But since i hate that question, I refrained. I am so excited for you!

Landon Andrew said...

Hi Krista! Jenny told me the exciting news! WOW! So cool! We have a blog for Landon. Did you know you can make a baby book out of your blog? That's what I am doing because I DO NOT scrapbook! Yuck! :-) I will add you to my "blogging friends." Check out our blog too! Hope you are doing well!