Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby dreamin'

I thought I'd post about my baby dreams, since they have been pretty funny. The first one I can remember happened when I was about 11 weeks - right before we started telling our friends & family. In the dream, my doctor had told us we were having a boy (which is my hunch in reality, too). The first time I saw our baby was at home. (Strange it wasn't at the hospital, but this was a dream.) I leaned over to pick up our baby from the crib, and the baby was girl! She was so cute - big brown eyes & cute smile, but I was extremely confused as to why she wasn't a boy!

This week, I had my second baby dream. In the dream, the baby came about a month early. I was home from the hospital (not at my home, but someone else's), and I kept forgetting I had a baby. I'd wake up in the morning and go downstairs to eat breakfast, and then about 30 minutes later it would dawn on me that I needed to go check on my baby! At night, I'd be watching TV and think, "Oh, shoot! I've been laying here all night & haven't checked on the baby!" In my dream, I had a baby girl. Scott was not in the dream, and I was in a strange house. If I had to psychoanalyze my dream, I would guess the dream was playing into my apprehension about being responsible for a baby and not knowing the sex of our baby, yet.

More fun dreams to come... :)

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