Friday, May 01, 2009

Doctor's Visit & Other Updates

Scott & I went for our monthly check-up this morning (23 weeks & 5 days today), and all is well with our baby girl! Her heartbeat sounded stronger than ever. Our doctor said it looks like we have one healthy baby girl on our hands! (Well, technically, in my belly...)

I've been feeling really excellent these past few weeks. I have lots of energy, no sickness, and I still feel good enough to run & work out. I'm so grateful this has been a smooth pregnancy, thus far. I'm praying the last trimester will go just as well!

This past weekend, we bought all her nursery furniture. It was a bit of an exhausting, yet exciting, experience. We decided to go for a chocolate brown/espresso finish. I think it'll look great with some pink bedding! Scott and I started the search a couple of weeks ago, and then my parents came with us last weekend to check out a few other stores. Scott & Dad liked testing out the rocking chairs best - ha! Buying the furniture makes it seem so much closer to her actually being here! Scott and I are SO excited for her to be here... I wish we didn't have to wait until the end of summer! But we're trying to live in the moment and enjoy these last few months of uninterrupted couple time.

A few days ago, my mom & I went shopping for maternity clothes. I've been able to borrow some from a couple people, so I don't need a lot. However, I would like to have some of the basics like capris, a couple dresses, shirts & work pants. So I picked out like 20 things to try on and stepped into the dressing room with my mom where I was greeted by.... the belly pillow!! For those of you who've had children, you know what this is. For those of you who haven't, it is essentially this pillow with a strap that you velcro around your waist to simulate how big your belly will be towards the end of your pregnancy. I put it on, and I was immediately in denial that my belly will ever be that big!! Seriously, I had to take it off because I was getting a complex. My mom thought it was hilarious! (But really, my belly won't get that big, right?!) I found a couple of "cute" things to buy (are any maternity clothes really cute or fun to buy?) ... so for those of you who need summer maternity clothes in the future, give me a call.


Erin said...

Not that I am expeting a baby any time soon, but save some of that baby stuff to toss my way...

Molly said...

So glad you are feeling so well and have been able to enjoy this! Now, we just need to see you in your new grubs! I need to see that sweet belly again!