Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 26

As of today, I am 25 weeks and 3 days. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. (I know I've said that many times, but it really is the truth!) I am still feeling great. I've been keeping up with my running... can still run 2 to 3 miles a few times per week, which feels awesome! My fruit craving has continued. Scott is amazed at the amount of fruit I eat in a week. A typical week of fruit groceries for me is a huge carton of strawberries, 7 apples, 7 oranges, a full bag of red grapes (used to be green grapes, but my craving switched around week 18) and a couple mangos or pineapple. I can't get enough fruit! Other than fruit, I crave sweets like ice cream and cake. I had an enormous sweet tooth pre-pregnancy, so the baby just gives me a convenient reason to indulge more often! Hey, the baby needs cake, too! :)

I had a great Mother's Day this year! Scott and I got to celebrate with both our moms. They are such great women, and I am excited to share in motherhood with them! My mom brought me home from the hospital on Mother's Day the year I was born. For Mother's Day this year, my mom gave me the dress she brought me home in. I plan on bringing our precious baby girl home in the same dress!

Scott also gave me a Mother's Day gift. He went shopping for our baby girl - bought her the cutest Polo sundress (yellow, since Scott thinks she has too much pink already), Puma onesies and sleepers (to match daddy's Puma gear), and a frilly dress for when she's a little older. Fun!

We both were a little teary-eyed in this pic!


Molly said...

So sweet that she kept the dress! I love it!

Scott is precious to go shopping for his baby girl for Mother's Day, what a sweet idea!

My sister did the fruit craving thing too and she usually is not a big fruit person. So funny what this pregnancy stuff can do to a girl!

Miller Family said...

That is awesome! Love the dress. I had a huge fruit craving with both my kids too.

Sara S. said...

Can I just say that I am SO impressed with you! I haven't done much exercising at all but i am hoping once all this sickness wears off that I can start again! You just look awesome, though, and what a great present to give your little girl...that her mama loves her so much she is taking excellent care of herself! I love you friend!

Becky said...

Love it---I think I had the same dress???;)

Erin said...

I must say that I absolutely love that you are doing this blog. It's fun to follow since I so rarely see you guys.

Also, I find it amusing that youa re waering teh same shirt on Mother's day that you have on in your belly pics. But i notice weird things like that.

Krista said...

Sara - I didn't exercise AT ALL in my first trimester because I was so exhausted, so don't be too impressed! I didn't put back on my running shoes until the second trimester when my energy level returned to a semi-normal state. :)