Saturday, August 06, 2011

First Haircut

Sienna got her first haircut from Aunt Hannah this weekend! Hannah trimmed a little off the bottom of her hair, and her little curls looks so much better -- no more tangles! :) At first, Sienna was not digging the idea of sitting by herself in the chair, so she sat on my lap. Afterwards, Hannah treated her to a lollipop that tasted like broccoli, according to Sienna. Funny, she ate that lollipop much faster than she eats broccoli.... Thanks, Hannah!

Sitting with mommy

Checking herself out in the mirror

Shy! (But loving Aunt Hannah and the penguin cape!)

Big girl in the chair by herself

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Hannah Williams said...

It was an honor! I'm so glad it worked out and that I got to see you both on my last KC trip!!! Love you both!!!