Monday, March 30, 2009

Bye-bye to my waistline and to the first half of my pregnancy

Big day today! I'm in my 20th week, which means I'm halfway through my pregnancy. (This is all going too fast...) Also, most of my work pants are officially too tight. This morning I put on a pair of dress pants that fit last week, but today they wouldn't button without me feeling extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, I have a bellaband to wear - whomever invited this stretchy piece of fabric is a genius, and likely a very rich genius! It felt a little strange to come to work with the top button on my pants undone (even stranger to admit that fact on this blog for you all to read), but I'm getting used to the feeling as the day progresses. At first, I felt like my pants might fall down at any minute. No embarrassing moments... just yet.
So, I think this means I have officially "popped". I'll post a belly picture soon for all of you inquiring minds, and you can tell me what you think.

One last note, today is my friend Alicia's birthday - Happy Birthday, Alicia! She has been a great friend for many years, and she has the cutest little girl, Cosette. If we have a girl, I hope ours is as cute as Cosette!


Nana Jones said...

You are starting to finally look pregnant! Your "baby bump belly" is adorable and so are you. This baby journey is getting more and more exciting, I love you, Krista!

Hilary said...

Hi you guys, I am SO EXCITED for you!!! So if I've got the math right, you were pregnant - but under wraps - when I saw you last at Grandpa Allan's funeral. There is something poetic about that, I like it. You are going to be fantastic parents and I can't imagine what an excited grandmother you'll have in Marilyn! Lyle can't wait to meet her little cousin to be before too long. Much love.

Molly said...

Thanks for sending me the blog again! I want to see you so bad! I want to see those belly pics! You have got to be the stinking cutest preggers girl out there! I can't wait! Am I wrong or do you all find out soon? I swear it was supposed to be at the beginning of April???

So glad you are enjoying this so much and blogging it so we can experience it with you!

Love you!

Aunt Karla said...

Oh sis, you are so cute. Your belly is growing and so is the little baby. It was so fun to be home with you last week. The last 20 weeks will be great fun as we start spoiling you and the baby. Love you love you love you!