Sunday, March 08, 2009

Beginning of the 5th month

I can't believe today marks the start of month five - time flies! A lot has happened since the last post, so let me start from the top.

Scott and I enjoyed 5 blissful nights on Grand Cayman Island. The beaches were beautiful - white sand and clear, blue, calm water. Every morning, Scott and I took advantage of the breakfast buffet served on the beach. Then we'd spend the rest of the day in the ocean or by the pool. It was so great to soak in the sun, enjoy a beverage, take a nap, and read a few good books. At night, we'd visit some of the great waterfront restaurants on the island - our favorite was Calypso. A must for anyone visiting Grand Cayman in the future. Here are some pics from our vacation.
Leaving on our sunset cruise

Scott fed the Tarpon (big fish of the shark family) at The Wharf restaurant. The fish jumped up to eat to bait, and the fish got Scott's whole hand in his mouth. Scott espaced with only a few scratches, but the waiter said he was lucky he didn't lose a finger!

Me, on a raft, enjoying the water & sun

We took a trip into Georgetown
Sunset outside our hotel

Dinner at Calypso
The day after we got back from Cayman, I had my 16 week appointment. We got to hear our baby's heartbeat, again (150 bpm - same as the 12 week appointment). It was amazing. I tried to ask the doctor if that meant we were likely having a boy or girl, and she said, "it means you're having a baby." Our doctor (Carla Pearman) is a straight-shooter, and I love that about her. She said everything looked great, and we scheduled our sonogram and 20 week appointment for April 3. Scott will turn 30 and find out whether he's going have a son or daughter all in one day. Someone needs to buy that man several drinks on April 3!!
On our way out of the office, I asked Scott what he thought after hearing the heartbeat again. He said, "I started getting nervous. It made me think of all the responsibilities (a.k.a. $$) to come... sports leagues, dance recitals, cars, college, weddings..." He asked what I thought, and I said, "Oh, I just thought it was wonderful to hear our baby's heartbeat and to know all is well." The difference between men & women exemplified, yet again. :)

The following day, I returned to work and broke the happy news to my co-workers. When I told my boss, she threw her notepad across the room and gave me the biggest hug! It's so great to have a supportive and encouraging boss! My other co-workers were equally excited (and surprised!), and it was really great to share the news with everyone at work.

My pants are still fitting... barely. I'm in the phase of my pregnancy where I just feel fat. You know when you've gained about 5 - 10 pounds, and your pants are uncomfortably tight? Yeah, I'm there. I'm not big enough to be in maternity clothes, but my belly is about to outgrow the waistline in my normal clothes. Think I'll need to use the hairband trick or invest in a bellaband this coming week. The doctor said I would 'pop' around week 18 or 20, and I think she was spot on with that timeline.


Jenny said...

Your pictures look awesome! I'm so excited you are going to find out what you are having in a few weeks! You better have a baby bump when we see you over Easter! :)

Love you guys!

Nana Jones said...

You look great! Sounds like we need to go shopping for some cute "baby" clothes for you! I saw a cute top for you in Branson, but it was a petite.

kjenison said...

How awesome! You definitely have the pregnancy glow. We are all three happy for you guys. I love how excited you are. We are praying for a healthy baby!

Matthew said...

You and Scott are such a hott couple. I am glad that you were able to have a relaxing "babymoon" trip together. What a big b-day for Scottie this year! I will be buying him some drinks and lighting up one of the baby cigar bubble gums with him! I can't wait to see you soon and love on you and the boy or girl baby!

Matthew said...

Clearly the comment above was from Aunt Karla! Looks like I am logged on as Uncle Matthew!

Either way we love all 3 of you rascals!