Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Kicks

I've been feeling the baby kick throughout this week. I'll be working at my desk, and I'll feel this little 'tap-tapping' in my belly. At this point, the kicks are actually comforting and makes me feel close to our little one. In time, I'm sure they will get harder & less comfortable! So, I am enjoying them for now.
Tonight I was lying on the couch watching the Mizzou game, and I could see the baby move! It was crazy! One side of my stomach was slightly higher/bigger than the other. Scott got to feel the baby kick again tonight. This is such a fun time for us. We can't wait to know whether this little kicker is a boy or girl.
On another note, today is my sister's birthday - Happy Birthday Aunt Karla! Karla has become protective of me (and baby); it's pretty cute. Tonight we had dinner with her friends for her birthday, and she insisted on walking me to my car to ensure I got there safely. Pretty cute & quite the role reversal. I'm used to being the older, protective sister! Love you, sis.


Jenny Cowart said...

It's time for a baby bump picture...even though im sure you hardly have one! :)

Love you guys!!

Aunt Karla said...

Can't be too careful with your big sister and baby in tow! The baby bump is small but growing!! It is cute and this baby is ready to get rocking and rolling and growing!

Aunt Karla said...

I love the baby!

Nana Jones said...

What can I say....."my girls rock!"