Friday, October 09, 2009

5 weeks

Sienna is 5 weeks old today! She has gained control of her head and can hold it up on her own for a while. She likes using her leg muscles to push off and stand up on her own. I am starting to understand her daily pattern. I won't say that we have a 'schedule' per say, but we do have a rhythm to each day. For a type A personality like me, that is a good thing! She fights me on naps some days, but she really is a good baby. She doesn't fuss very often, and she is very content when she's awake. We love our little bee!

She's old enough to enjoy her mobile now! She loves watching the bears.

Bath time with daddy!


Jenny Triplett said...

Oh my goodness, what an angel! My favorite is the last picture! She is smiling at Scott, how precious! She must love her daddy! (and mommy, too)!

Love you guys,

Nana Jones said...

What a precious baby Sienna is! Love the second pic of her looking she watching mommy? She is so alert and is noticing so many things now and starting to "talk" and make sweet baby noises! Nana is SO in love with her:)

Kristin J. said...

5 weeks - REALLY? That has flown I guess that's why they say to enjoy every minute because it goes so quick. She looks more and more like her Mommy (minus the blond hair) every time I see her. So sweet. See you this week!

Becky said...

very cute...just a few more weeks and I will finally get to meet her in person!!! Can't wait!