Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nursery Furniture

Last Saturday, we got the nursery furniture assembled in our little one's room. I love it! My dad, mom, Scott & I all piled in my dad's black truck to load up all the furniture - crib, changing table, dresser, glider & ottoman. It was tight, but it all fit in the back of the truck! (I am thinking about how many life stages that truck has moved me in & out of... I piled up my loft bed, small fridge and clothing to start my freshman year of college. Then, Scott and I used it to move into our first place together and a few years later, to move into our current home. Now we've used it to move our baby girl's furniture. Wow - such a sentimental moment, all over that big black truck!)
Dad and Scott did a great job wrestling the heavy furniture up the stairs to her nursery. Mom and I attached the knobs to the dresser and figured out where to put everything in the room. The room is great for a nursery because it has two dormers, where you can be kind of tucked away. We put the glider in one dormer and the crib in the other. The dormers really create a lot of space within the room and make the room look so cute. These little nooks will be great play space whenever she gets a bit older, too.
So now I'm waiting for the bedding to be delivered, and we'll pick paint colors for the wall. Scott thinks the walls look fine in their current beige color, but I am not convinced. :)

Room all cleared out & ready to move in!

Putting the knobs on the changing table

Putting together the glider - it was hot in that room!

Putting together the crib.  My inner boss just had to take control and read the instructions to dad & Scott.  Ha!

Crib set-up continues...

I love this picture of my mom!  (Cute of Maddie, too.)


A pic of us, the belly & the crib (complete with cute stuffed animals... ha)

Our first 'baby' had to try out the crib.  She was curious about all the action happening in this room!


Erin said...

OK, until I read the comment, I thought Maddie was just another stuffed animal. I had to go back and look ateh picture again before I realized it was the dog! And you still look super cute!

Molly said...

I love it! You are so right about the room! Everything seems to fit just perfectly! I don't know about you but I remember that their might have been a few choice words that flew out our mouths while assembling the crib. It wasn't even at each other, just out of what seemed to be lack of coordination of ourselves!

I love the new belly pics! You still look incredible! You are right along where my neighbor is, maybe a week it keeps me on track with your little one!

Thanks for the update!

TexasRed said...

Adorable! You're right -- that will be a perfect nursery!

Jenny Cowart said...

The room looks so awesome! I love the furniture! Krista, you look so amazing! I can't wait till Baby Girl is here and I can rock her to sleep in the glider!! August can't come soon enough!

Love you guys!

Aunt Karla said...

I can't wait to come home and see all the furniture in the new nursery! These pics are so fun of our family. You all did a good job! My little niece has a dream room full of love to snuggle her to bed everyday!

Maddie makes the cutest crib accessory while we wait for the little one to arrive!

Love you!!!

Becky said...

yeah! so adorable and I sure love the decorations:) She will love it! Can't wait to see you next month!
You are looking great by the way-way to go! Now go eat some fruit...hehe!
~At least yours is fruit mine was onion rings!

Nana Jones said...

That was a fun day! You and Scott did a great job picking out Baby Girl's furniture. It is nice! I still remember Dad putting the crib together before you were born Krista, and so wondering if you were a girl or boy and if we were going to leave the firetruck wallpaper or get to change that to something pink and girly! Lucky for us it was the latter:)

Daysha said...

Hi Krista, it's Daysha Behymer!! This crazy world of blogging, I found you through a friend of a friend. YEA!!! You're having a sweet baby girl. Congratulations to you guys. She will rock your world in such a special way, which I know you know. I am so glad to have found your blog to keep up to date. I just started blogging when our little guy turned 1. AHH you mention the pregnancy has gone fast. Wow this first year does too. You look great. Good luck!!