Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 30

In the past week, my cravings have switched from fruit to cheese and ice cream. The change is likely because baby girl's bones are solidifying and growing stronger every day! (Well that, and it's summer which means ice cream season!) Scott & I have been to Custard's Last Stand twice this week. I am predicting an above average weight gain for me this month!

My belly continues to get bigger by the day. (My sister and Matt are coming in town this weekend, so I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post soon.) Baby girl is moving around quite a bit. Her movements have transitioned from kicks to jabs/pokes with her knees and elbows. She doesn't have as much room in there anymore! People still say I am carrying small, but I am starting to feel the weight lately. My center of gravity is definitely not what it used to be, which makes everyday tasks, like tying my shoes and getting into the car, challenging and quite humorous. When I was running the other day, I noticed the hills are starting to become a problem with my growing belly. Think I'm going to need to switch to the elliptical and water aerobics!

Our neighborhood is going through a mini-baby boom. At the pool this past weekend, there were four pregnant women, including myself. Between the four of us, we are carrying 7 babies! One woman and myself are pregnant with one, another lady is expecting twins in August, and another is carrying triplets due in August! In addition to these babies, our neighbors on either side of us are expecting this summer. So in our relatively small neighborhood, there are going to be 9 babies born this spring & summer! It's going to be crowded in the kiddie pool next summer. I'm thinking of bringing a chlorine tablet with me each time we go down to swim. Ha!


Erin said...

I have noticed that it is baby season. I know 15 women who are either pregnant or JUST had a baby in the last week.

Molly said...

I am trying to imagine you running up hill with that sweet belly. Then I am thinking, wait...I avoid running up hills and I am so not pregnant.

Can't wait to see those pics. I am addicted to seeing that growing little girl and her sweet mommy's glow!

Nana Jones said...

The baby boom in your neighborhood will be so fun for all of you, but we know who the cutest baby will be at the pool! Oh yeah, our BABY GIRL:) The cutie patootie wearing the pink and white polka dot swimsuit with the bow in the back that Nana has bought for her!

Sounds like little missy is going to have the strong "donkey" legs like her mama:)