Monday, August 24, 2009

No baby yet!

Baby girl has yet to make her debut! I think she is showing early signs of a stubborn personality... :) Ha! I have to keep reminding myself that all my sonograms showed that she would be later than August 22, so I shouldn't be anxious. But it's just so tough when you get that date stuck in your brain, and we're just so darn excited to meet her!!! This weekend was tough emotionally... just seeing the due date come and go. Today I feel much better. Relaxed and energized.

We had another sonogram and check-up this morning. Everything looks healthy with baby and with me! That was a great feeling, just knowing she is healthy and comfy in my belly. Fluid levels are still good, placenta looks healthy, her heartbeat sounds good (125 bpm), my blood pressure is still normal, etc. The sonographer estimates her weight at 7 lbs. 9 oz. (The margin of error is 10%, or 12 oz.) I am dilated slightly more than I was last week, but no major change really.
If you calculate my due date with consideration to my cycle length, her due date is technically Wednesday, August 26. So we shall see if she decides to come on her own later this week. If not, the plan is for me to check into the hospital next Monday night, and I'll be induced. Baby girl should be here by next Tuesday, September 1, at the latest.

Scott and I have been going on long walks to encourage her to arrive sooner rather than later, and during those walks I give her pep talks on coming out. No luck, so far. :) This morning I was wondering what it would feel like to run with my stomach this big (I miss running!), so I tried it out for about 1/4 of a mile. It was exhausting and hard to keep my balance! Scott said that if any of the neighbors saw me running they'd probably think, "Poor girl is willing to do anything to get that baby out!" LOL. Think I'll stick to walking.


Anonymous said...

Oh Krista, I remember how much I wanted to meet Jackson, but really try to enjoy these last few moments without her here. I promise you it is so much easier to take care of her inside your belly than out. I know you have to be so anxious. Also if you are induced remember that it is not that bad. I mean you are going to labor with or without medication so you won't know the diffrence anyways. I really am excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet her and find out what her name is! LOL. I love you!

Jenny said...

Girl, you crack me up! You have to be crazy to run when you are past your due date! Again, you are just making the rest of us look bad, especially me, because when I get pregnant one day there is no way Ill be doing anything close to running! ha :) I really wish Scott would have taken pictures of you running! Love you

Molly said...

What I wouldn't have given to see you running. I love that you are feeling so good and able to get around and walk. It really is a blessing...easy to say, huh? Can't wait to meet her and my goodness I am dying to hear her name. YOu guys have been so good at keeping it! Have you told anyone? Have you slipped at all? I love it!

Andrew and Shawna Wishy said...

Krista, so glad to hear that you are doing better mentally! We love you guys so much and can't wait to meet baby girl! Keep up that walking, wish I could have seen the running! HA! Thinking of you both!

Becky said...

Just checking on you! You are in my thoughts and prayers....can't wait to hear how wonderful the delivery was and how precious she is! Love you!!!